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Nightmare Fuel / Those That Wake

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  • Everyone forgetting you. Doubles as Paranoia Fuel.
  • Laura desperately pleading with her own parents, who don't recognize her and can't see her in photos and videos.
  • Everything about Man in Suit, especially what he's made of and what he can do to people.
  • The descriptions of those corrupted by hopelessness; they have dull, vacant eyes.
  • Laura's description of her nightmare in the first book.
  • The advance reading copy has a line deleted from the retail copy where Mal reflects on how, in his dream, if the force at the door had just knocked he might have let it in.
    "I was in an apartment," he said. "Something was smashing down the door, but I wouldn't let it in. If it had just knocked"—he looked queerly at the idea of it—"I might have just let it in. But it was trying to smash the door down, and I wouldn't let it."
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  • Man in Suit's lectures to the heroes at the end, which even terrify the characters.
    "In this building, you are deep inside me," Man in Suit said, "and I am deep inside you. I can see what you think, own you a little bit, even if I can not have you completely. Yet."
  • Mal's recurring nightmares of Man in Suit in the second book.
  • The sequel taps into the loss of identity along with losing memories. Laura feels part of her is empty and has no idea why.
  • What happens to Laura in What We Become; she seemingly has her old life back, with no memories of the events or people from Those That Wake. And then it turns out that Mal had Remak rob her of them, mistakenly believing it was for her best interests. She outright compares it to rape.
  • What We Become ramps up the terror factor with the Old Man's ability to control people once he gets hold of the neuropleth, and his plan being to simply kill those he can't control.
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  • What We Become also has Rose, who takes Clingy Jealous Girl to horrifying levels when she tries to replace Mal's memories of Laura with herself.
  • The Old Man extracting the neuropleth from Rose by way of a kiss.


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