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Nightmare Fuel / The Time Machine

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Spoilers for the book abound below.

  • The Reveal: Morlocks are not the castaway mutants and Eloi are not the rulers of a surface Utopia. Morlocks feed and tend to the childlike, innocent Eloi so that they can sneak into their houses at night, take them down to their tunnels, and eat them alive. Eloi are LIVESTOCK.
  • The first encounter of the Time Traveler with the Morlocks. Their eyes glow in the dark. Not really scary, and then we see their smile. And nothing more.
  • Perhaps the most scary part about the Morlocks are just how much more human they seem compared to the Eloi. So what does that say about us?
    • The fate of Weena.
  • The Time Traveller's journey past the Eloi and the Morlocks at the end of the book. For the first time in the book, he is completely cut off from any form of humanity. As he contemplates the complete end of humanity, the only life forms around him are giant crabs and something in the shadows that we don't get to see.
    • Said something in the shadows is a hopping, approximately football-sized object that utterly terrifies the Time Traveller. Scholars who are familiar with H.G. Wells's satirical idea of the future humans as nothing but overgrown brains with some kind of manipulatory organ attached recognise this as the exact opposite: a ravenous stomach without a brain.


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