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Nightmare Fuel / The Omen (1976)

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Look at me, Damien, It's all for you!

  • Where to begin? The film is about a five-year-old boy who is the son of Satan himself. We're used to thinking of kids as sweet and innocent. Damien is evil incarnate.
  • How about Father Brennan trying to find refuge at the church only to get skewered on a lightning rod. Nightmare Fuel for running from... well, Satan. It's also Paranoia Fuel for the reason that even churches and holy grounds can't keep you safe.
  • The evil Rottweilers.
    • The suspenseful scene where the Rotweiler comes down the hallway after Thorne returns home at the film's climax. Seriously, the eerie whispered chanting dials the tension in that scene up to eleven.
  • What is it with the nannies in this film? One hung herself to death during a party (admittedly it was during the devil's son's party, so it was probably the perfect gift). Then we get a new one with eyes so evil no parent in their right mind would allow her near the house never mind their child.
    Mrs. Baylock: Have no fear little one. I am here to protect thee.
    Damien: *smiles*
    • The first nanny might have been conscious of her imminent suicide, but unable to stop it. And she wouldn't know what was happening or why.
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    • And the first nanny leaves the world with some special words for Damien, all with a smile.
    "Look at me, Damien! It's all for you!"
  • The most terrifying moment is at the end, where Robert Thorne goes into the church dragging Damien inside in order to kill him by stabbing him with knives. All the while Damien is screaming "No, Daddy, no!" Yes, it's The Antichrist, but still...
  • Keith Jennings getting his head sheared off by a plate-glass window. The original version is arguably more frightening due to the film makers pulling it off convincingly without the aid of special effects.
  • Then there's the graveyard scene, when Robert Thorne digs up the grave where Damien's real mother lies, only to find the skeleton of a jackal resting in there. He then digs up the child's grave, with the logic that if it was the skeleton of a jackal cub, then his real son was still alive. But upon finding a human baby skeleton inside, the sorrow on his face is painful to watch.
    "They killed him the instant he was born."
    • The baby skeleton is bad enough. What's worse, there's a hole in the skull - the child's head was bashed in. Worst of all, at least as told in the novelization, it wasn't an instant death...
  • Most scenes involving Mrs. Baylock. Her ability to seem so collected and proper for one scene, than outright demonic in another. The best example is the climax where she sneaks up on Mr. Thorn and starts biting and clawing at him and she just won't go down. It takes two knives in the neck just to stop her. Or a car if you're going by the remake.
    • The build up to the evil nanny's murder of Kate by chucking her out the window was terrifying in itself. For one thing, we have no idea Baylock is even in the hospital, so when she opens the door, we don't know who it could be. But when Kate turns around and sees the sheer evil in her eyes, it's heart stopping. It's so terrifying (to her), she can't even scream.
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  • The scene with the troop of baboons going crazy when they realize who Damien really is.


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