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Nightmare Fuel / Damien: Omen II

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  • Aunt Marion suffering from a heart attack when she sees the raven during the night.
  • Joan Hart's death, with huge heapings of Eye Scream.
  • The accident at the Thorn residence's lake. The ice under Bill gives way and he's pulled under. Why? Because he was opposed of Thorn Industries going into agriculture. He didn't even know about Damien being the Anti-Christ. In this world, opposing the Devil's plans, regardless of whether you know or not, will mark you for death.
  • David Pasarian's death at the chemical plant. A unit in the explodes and Dave tries to escape the fumes, but he asphyxiates from the chemicals. Those final gasps of air when he tries to climb the stairs are horrific to hear.
  • Damien killing Mark via a brain hemorrhage when the latter refuses to join Damien's quest for world domination. The worst part is that Damien really didn't want to do it as he saw Mark like a brother, but Damian knew he had no choice when Mark refused. This was the point of no return for him.


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