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Nightmare Fuel / The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

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"It's not real!"

As the first one taught us, Panem is a scary place, and you better believe that it hasn't lost a bit of Nightmare Fuel.

  • The Victors' Village looked too much like Auschwitz—the sign even resembled the "Arbeit Macht Frei" on the gate.
  • The Peacekeepers looked like a combination of Stormtroopers and Nazis.
    • Their breastplates now also bear ridges that resemble some sort of insectoid carapace, producing some sort of Nazi-Stormtrooper-Bug Monster.
  • The girl on the Victory Tour who cheerfully tells Katniss that she's going to volunteer as a Tribute just like her just goes to show how far gone Panem really is.
    • And she was from either District 2 or 4. If you've read the books, those districts are the ones that produce "Careers": people whose teenage lives are devoted to going into the Arena and winning.
  • After President Snow's little speech at the Presidential Mansion, he drinks from a flute of champagne, only for some of it to come back a little redder...
  • Thread. At first he doesn't seem that scary, but then he shows what a bastard he is when he kicks over an old woman and is about to hit her with his truncheon before Gale pulls a Big Damn Heroes, yelling that if anybody in Twelve is out after dark, they will be shot on sight. Just seeing the damage he does to Gale's back... His voice is pretty intimidating, too.
    • Doesn't seem that scary?
      Cray (Head Peacekeeper of 12): Welcome to District 12, Commander Thread—
      [Cray has a black hood shoved over his head and is forced down on his knees (and presumably executed) while Thread stalks off, his facial expression ice cold.]
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    • After Haymitch talks him down from shooting Katniss, Thread is seen using his fingers to flick blood off the end his whip.
    • And Haymitch successfully talks him down by reminding him that executing one of the victors would be a very bad move in the eyes of the state and President Snow. Even he's cowed by what the state might do to him.
  • The games themselves. Somehow they manage to be more lethal and dangerous than the one from the previous film. Like lab mice the contestants are absolutely closed in with (almost) no way out except in a body bag. All are completely at the mercy of the operators and a cruel and petty tyrant who can easily destroy them with a single push of the button if he doesn't like them enough to continue living.
    • In fact it's strongly hinted at that the 75th Games were made even more lethal and dangerous by President Snow, who's made his growing disdain for the Victors and especially Katniss pretty clear. If not for Plutarch's involvement, Katniss and Peeta would have been killed off right off the bat.
  • At one point in the movie during one of Katniss and Haymitch's discussions in the Capitol, there was this black eyed, cage-headed woman (an Avox) in the background who just stood there watching them talk. Unless you read the books, it's not really explained who or what the hell she was nor is she ever mentioned during the movie but those who saw the first film will noticed she's dressed more like a prisoner than a servant.
  • Enobaria. If you thought Clove was scary, Enobaria pretty much gives her a run for her money. Out of all the tributes in the Career Alliance, she has got to be the most terrifying.
    • For one thing, she won her first games by using her TEETH to RIP ANOTHER TRIBUTE'S THROAT OUT! Her teeth are now filed to look RAZOR SHARP!
    • And on top of all that, she's a cold-blooded killer! And guess what: she SURVIVES!
  • The poisonous fog, whose effects are seriously painful just to look at. And while soaking the boils in water draws out the poison and neutralizes it, it still hurts like hell.
  • The killer baboons, giant tidal wave, treacherous lightning, poisonous fog—you name it! The whole idea of having the arena running like a clock was pretty spooky!
  • The screaming jabberjays, who parrot cries for help from the tributes' loved ones. And, as Finnick asks, where did they get those cries in the first place? Hearing Katniss screaming in the midst of all is truly terrifying.
    • Although it is to be noted that the book states audio samples from interviews with Victors' families could have been altered by Capitol tech for the birds to hear. While this is not mentioned in the movie, it is possible if Snow has the capability to plant bugs everywhere (i.e. the kiss scene), which doesn't make much less scary.

  • The Wham Line after Katniss is rescued from the arena.
    Katniss: We're not going back to Twelve?
    Gale: There is no District 12.

  • There's a deleted scene where Plutarch goes into a room with lots of little cubby holes, goes to one, pulls out the paper inside, and replaces it with another. That CONFIRMS that the third Quarter Quell was not originally supposed to be a victors game. What makes the scene even worse is that there are HUNDREDS of these cubby holes around. The Capitol had centuries, if not MILLENIA of Hunger Games planned.

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