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Nightmare Fuel / Survivor Dogs

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  • Terror from The Broken Path. He has patches of burnt skin and yellow eyes, and he keeps ranting manically about how everyone should bow before the Fear Dog, the "king" of spirit dogs. He also mercilessly beats his dogs for showing cowardice, which makes Lucky be surprised that an alpha would ever beat their own dogs. He gets beaten when he gets his lower jaw torn off by Storm, who fights him to help her friends.
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  • One of Lucky's nightmares is when he's a pup and listening to his mother's story, who suddenly starts ranting about doom, blood, and destruction. He looks up... and it's Blade leering down at him.
  • One of Lucky's nightmares involves glass raining everywhere. It ends with him coming across Lick (who isn't even a full grown dog) and Terror fighting to the death.
  • The dogs come across a longpaw settlement full of decaying human corpses, including children. The humans couldn't escape the earthquakes. No one has recovered the bodies, so they're bloated, smelly, and several are missing eyes due to birds. The feral dogs view the corpses with the same nonchalance they view all non-dog corpses, but the former pets freak out.