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Nightmare Fuel / Still Life

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  • Pretty much anything to do with the two Rippers is this.
    • The murder scenes. My God, the murder scenes. The reenactment of Cynthia Wood's murder is also very disturbing.
    • The player can access descriptions and photographs of the killer's previous victims, are they are absolutely chilling.
    • Vladanna's recollection of her attack.
    • Gus' visions show small glimpses into the murders: a woman's hand clawing at the dirt as she is dragged away, a shadowy figure lifting another victim up and stabbing her...
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    • The killer's "visit" to the FBI office. First you see him emerging from a room you had previously passed by seconds before, then you discover that not only did he somehow bypass the security and broke in the morgue, but he carved up Cynthia's corpse again and placed a photo of the next victim inside. He then casually strolled out of the building, while a panicked Victoria rushed out to catch up to him. The whole event certainly ramped up the paranoia.
    • The Chicago killer turns out to be Victoria's boyfriend Richard. The very idea that someone so close to you could be such a sick and twisted person is pretty scary.
    • Gus is wandering through the sewers when he discovers the dismembered and decaying corpse of a woman. She is unrecognizable, and some of her organs are hanging from the ceiling on hooks.
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    • The murder of Ida, where Gus is bound, gagged, and forced to watch as his pregnant fiancée is stabbed to death, with Mark Akerman smiling devilishly as he kills her.

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