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Chief Browning is Mr. X.
  • While it could explain how the perpetrator broke into the FBI offices and why Browning seemed so keen to take Victoria off the case due to her unpredictability, it turns out in the next game that the killer is Richard.

The Crow Man is actually the retired Jack the Ripper.
  • The game plants the seed of the Ripper early on in the player's mind. He's from London and implied to have fled there and wished to remain anonymous. He's the right age (if Jack was around 20-30 in the 1880s, he'd be around 50 or 60 in 1925, which appears to be the Crow Man's age). He keeps an eye on the local prostitutes. He knows exactly how a killer thinks. He never gives his name. He has no more relevance in the sequel, making his inclusion rather odd little plot cul-de-sac, if not for the character's other implications.

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