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Nightmare Fuel / Seeding of a Ghost

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Peekaboo, I see you!

  • The Demon Fetus' final form, with it's exposed head when it goes on a rampage, at the end of the film. The film actually feels the need for an extreme close-up of the demon's skinless, sneering face looking at the audience.
  • The film's climax has the demon gaining it's final form assaulting Anthony, who is at a party. While Anthony deserves having the demon after him, picture this as a random party guest: you're invited to a public gathering, and amidst the casual conversation, suddenly a skinless crocodile-like monster attacks, and tries to ensnare you with it's Combat Tentacles...
  • The copious amounts of gorn effects, as excessive and over-the-top, are also really well done.
  • The Poltergeist activity inflicted as a result of the demon fetus. Sure, you get the usual "objects moving on it's own cliché" seen in so many similar horror films, but then there's also the toilet that ejects brown fecal juice flooding the entire loo.
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  • A lot more are shown in this review. Potentially NSFW.
  • Imagine being Anthony's aunt, a harmless elderly lady who knew nothing about the supernatural going-ons, and then walking in to your nephew eating brains from a scalped human head. That was a coconut moments ago.
  • The film's Signature Scene. Two words: GHOST IMPREGNATION.

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