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Nightmare Fuel / Nicholas Nickleby

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  • Dotheboys Hall, and the way the boys are treated at it. The worst part? It was based on real schools at the time.
  • Pretty much everything to do with Sir Mulberry Hawk. He manipulates Lord Verisopht into getting himself into horrendous debt (and is implied to have done it before with other foolish young gentlemen), he obsesses over Kate (who is still quite a young girl), he ends up murdering Lord Verisopht because he can't let go of his desire for Kate and hatred at Nicholas, and he gets away with it all. Well unless you can count the fact that he ended up losing all of his money and died in a debtor's prison.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in the 1980 stage version where he flat-out attempts to rape Kate on their first meeting (in the book it's more ambiguous). Even his theme music is creepy...
  • Kate's entire situation is this as well. This is a young girl who is essentially pimped out by both her uncle and her mother after Nicholas is forced to leave. She is assaulted and essentially stalked by a wealthy and influential man who continuously charms his way into the acquaintance of anyone who might protect her and her numerous pleas for help are either dismissed with "ignore him and he'll go away" (he doesn't) or outright ignored in favour of telling her it's her own fault, until she feels completely alone, and someone else has to alert her brother to what's happening because she refuses to "burden" him because, to her, this is just something that happens and she, as a beautiful young girl, has to put up with it. The scariest part? It all seems so horribly contemporary... Fortunately, Nicholas learns of this, and set out to attack the man responsible for her situation and save her from her uncle.


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