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Awesome / Nicholas Nickleby

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  • Nicholas gives Squeers a taste of his own medicine. To make it all the more awesome, Squeers' wife and children attack him and try to pull him away, and Nicholas is so busy beating Squeers that he doesn't even notice them.
  • Any time that Nicholas taps into his Beware the Nice Ones moments. He may be the oldest child in the family, but there is a reason he is named head of the family and he makes real good on it.
    • As mentioned above, when Smike is beaten for running away, Nicholas finally snaps and gives Squeers a taste of his own medicine.
    • When he learns of Sir Mulbery Hawk assaulting his sister, he attacks him in the finest moment of Big Brother Instinct, and leaves him with those words.
    Nicholas: Come near my sister again... and I shall not be so forgiving.
    • Nicholas's "The Reason You Suck" Speech moments to his Uncle Ralph. One particular example, is when Ralph's scheme in marrying Madeline Bray to Sir Hawk fails, Nicholas' speech reeks of Tranquil Fury.
    Nicholas: We knew no shame until we knew you, and the degradations we have endured, whether at Dotheboys Hall or in the dark box of a theater, all trace their poisoned roots to you. You did not want us when we came, and it shamed me to seek help from someone unwilling to give it. Now our only shame is the blood which binds our name to yours. Therefore, your brother's widow and her children RENOUNCE YOU! May every recollection of your life cast a terrifying darkness over your deathbed. How soon that day may come, I cannot know. But I do know, that in our life, you live no more.


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