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Nightmare Fuel / New Series Adventures Enginesof War

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  • Rassilon's experiments with retro-engineering timelines to create beings who can see all time. When he succeeds with Borusa the result is so hideous the other Time Lords can't bear to see it and it is hidden in his Tomb.
  • The book also has the Daleks developing demat weapons and successfully performing a Ret Gone on a lot of humans. They come close to doing this to Gallifrey. Which would then mean that they could turn the entire universe into Daleks.
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  • The description of humans being turned into Daleks on Moldox, which is based on "Revelation of the Daleks" and sounds horrific.
  • The Eternity Circles' plan for the Doctor to turn him into a Dalek, with the Predator Dalek casing having hundreds of needles ready to plug into him.


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