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Nightmare Fuel / New Gods

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I can feel them—crashing like surf—wonderful waves of raw fear!
  • Happyland, from the original Forever People series. An amusement park where people are tortured, and machines project their screams to people outside as fun and laughter. And the creepiest thing is, the children all realise something isn't right, but the adults refuse to see it.
  • Esak's character arc. He was originally an adorable little boy from New Genesis, but he got stranded on Apokolips and was effectively forgotten about. Then come The Hunger Dogs and we see that not only has he been indoctrinated into Darkseid's court, but he's turned into this.
  • The entire premise of the Death of the New Gods arc is this on a religious and metaphysical level for the New Gods. The situation requires oneself to put one in the place of a New God, one of a group of Physical God or Sufficiently Advanced Aliens with various powers, feeling safe on New Genesis or Apokolips until news comes of an elusive serial killer that is slaying the most powerful New Gods on record and leaves nothing behind but bodies with gaping holes in their chests which later is interpreted as the souls of New Gods being physically ripped from their bodies. The killer has slain hundreds more, men, women, and children, including the Black Racer, the New God equivalent of the Grim Reaper, and has remained unstoppable even with help from Earth's mightiest champions. No one is safe. Next comes the revelation that the killer is actually the physical avatar of the peaceful Forever People, the Infinity Man, who claims to be working as an agent of the Source, the New God's own equivalent to God, and the worst part is: ''He's right'' The Source has been having one of the premier New God champions of good kill every member of the New Gods because he views them as flawed and imperfect, and wants to kill them off just to replace them with something it feels is more suitable to its wishes. Superman describes the horrors among the New God populace with his X-Ray vision right before things go From Bad to Worse.
    Superman: Since word got out about the killings, everyone's retreated to their homes, hoping locked doors will keep out the Boogey Man. It's so sad. All these frightened people and there's nothing I can do to save them. Hiding doesn't help. About every other dwelling has become a morgue.
  • Granny Goodness. Dear God, Granny Goodness. What to say about someone whose entire purpose is basically child abuse?
    • In Final Crisis, when Granny Goodness's reduced to an evil spirit, who possesses a Green Lantern and creates centipede energy constructs that generate pain that according to Batman is equivalent to experiencing Joker Venom, Scarecrow's Fear Gas, and Doctor Hurt’s smile all at once.
    • Her capturing Batman also counts, as far as Granny not only single-handedly defeating Batman but also her speech where she exclaims how completely and utterly screwed Batman is now that she has him prisoner.
  • The whole concept of Anti-Life is a little unsettling precisely because it's so exaggerated and cartoonish. It's fascism reduced to deranged absolute, like the world of Nineteen Eighty-Four taken to the extreme. Think of any choice you make, even something as simple as choosing to scratch your nose. Think about anything that brings you the tiniest bit of pleasure, like taking your shoes off after a long day. Darkseid doesn't want you to have those things. And he's working hard at a plan to take them away from you, and from everyone else, forever.