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Nightmare Fuel / Power Girl

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  • When Power Girl was not paying attention, Ultra-Humanite kidnapped Terra, transplanted her brain into his burned, bandaged gorilla body, and threw her in a dark room.
    Terra: It was terrible... Satanna ambushed me... and then this creepy little badger used some kind of hallucinogenic gas on me that made everything warped and colorful... And then they operated on me... while I was awake... and I remember feeling kinda like disconnected from myself! Which was so creepy and weird... and then they left me in some sketchy mental hospital... and nobody there knew I was me... And—
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  • Karen finds out about the body-swapping and reminds everyone why you DON'T hurt Superman's, Supergirl's and Power Girl's family and friends (it drives them mad. And mad Kryptonians are frightening) . She bursts into Satanna's den and demands her friend's brain back. Satanna foolishly tries to taunt her, but Karen isn't in the mood for her crap and blasts Satanna's arm off.
    Satanna: My arm! What kind of heroine would do that to someone's arm?
    Power Girl: Quit your bawling, Satanna! You're a surgeon, you can pick your arm up and do whatever you want with it — after you tell me where I can find my friend Terra!