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Nightmare Fuel / Kraven Manor

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Get out? Don't mind if I do...
  • The statues in general. The way one stares you down at the very beginning (and then it disappears, foreshadowing what's coming), the scratched (and bloodied) paintings, the many disturbing notes left by William Kraven, the way the statues move (and especially their creepier poses), the fact that they're actually made out of severed human pieces dipped in bronze, and let's not forget about the nightmareish sounds that they make... Bonus points to the one statue that hides under a white sheet, pretending to be a ghost or covered furniture... only to vanish once you turn your back to it.
    • The Final Boss is arguably even worse, an even bigger and bulkier but more torn down statue with glowing eyes that can not only move as it pleases but also fly and shoot harmful magic beams. From the very beginning it appears right behind you with blood markings on the wall behind it saying "RUN" and the only piece of glass protecting you from it disappears, you can do nothing but obey the message on the wall, and added with the horrific screeches the statues made, now you can hear the cries of the many souls contained within the statue.
  • The painting puzzle, or more accurately, the distorted painting you get if you fail the puzzle. In both the original and rereleased version, the image is quite creepy, and once again, it makes a rather eerie sound.

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