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"You collapse to the floor and slip into darkness."

Main Character's Journal

"The horror lives in the recesses of darkness, a place between curiosity and madness. I can feel it. It seeks to destroy me."
— The main character upon defeating the first enemy.

"The monster is waiting in the shadows. I can almost hear it moving between the walls. It mocks my presence."

"I write this entry with trembling, bleeding hands. A trap was sprung as I placed the globe in a frame. I must have done something wrong. I am sure this globe is linked to the door, but it would be reckless to randomly try again. As I bound my wounds, I noticed a book near the portraits."

"I've little time to write. The monster somehow returned and attacked me with something... something that stole my breath and chilled my blood. This spirit flew at me when I shone my flashlight in the monster's direction.
— The main character upon being chased down by the Final Boss

Notes of William Kraven

"Though father's beatings wore me raw, I hated mother's ceaseless lying most. Seeing them die was an epiphany. There is a beauty in death I've never forgotten."

"Initially I lamented that the rituals of October were failures. However, months later, I turned my back to a statue I thought hollow and dead, and the spirit within made itself known."

"I carefully explain to each of them that this is not death. They will still live, more fully than before, yet they wail and call me a monster. They fail to appreciate my contribution."

"The nature of Limbo has revealed itself to me. It is a receptable in a state of existence, wherein the spirit can be contained."

"My earliest successes were brief, but invigorating. After the Ritual Meleficarum the large orbs held the spirits for seconds at a time, and glowed visibly."

"Limbo is not truly a place. Given time, those within may move so (to our eyes) they appear and disappear with a horrible groan and the scent of burnt moss."

"An orb can hold a soul for seconds. The statues, for years. When the ritual is held on Kraven Manor itself, Limbo may mean life everlasting."

"With our sticky bones and thin skin, the saw and the hammer have taught me how frail we are. Earthly bodies are destined to rot."



"Rejecting the Music of the Spheres, as the movement of astronomical bodies are incapable of generating sound."
— Les Secrets Merveilleux de la Naturelle, by Albertus Magnus

"A pile of dark, blurry photos of six nude men and women, decorated with streaks of red paint. They are dancing around a glass orb. The setting appears to be the top floor of a library."
— Photographs

"For whosoever do not in the truth, boasting of phantasms, brag that they can do miracles, be destinated to the torments of eternal fire."
— Collected Works, by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

"Establishing a clear boundary between true Sorcery and the mere illusions of mentally ill women."
— De Praestigiis Daemonum, by Johannes Wierus

"A notice to all Kraven Metalworks employees. Thieves and layabouts shall be disciplined by Lord Kraven, and shall receive no wages during recouperation."
— Notice

"Truth lies beyond the Sleeping Man."

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