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No pasa nada!note 

Los Ingobernables (otherwise known as La Facción Ingobernable or simply as Los), literally "The Ungovernables", is a professional wrestling/Lucha Libre faction originated in 2014 in CMLL, but it has since branched out in a variety of spin-offs in AAA, Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

A ungoverned faction, naturally, ought to have a ungoverned story: it all began in the mid 2010s, when Luchadores Rush, La Máscara and La Sombra were supposed to be top babyfaces. And they were to anyone except the audiences, who loathed them for being over-pushed, questionably heroic Babyfaces. While some would have soldiered on or quit under the pressure, these men decided to fully embrace the hate and use it to fuel themselves. Starting in 2014, They then became Los Ungovernables, so-named for their utter contempt for any attempt to govern their actions with crowd reactions and a cocksure assuredness of their moral and athletic superiority. Essentially, a stable of Smug Super types, guided under the mottos of team founder and unofficial leader Rush: "Tranquilo!" ("Chill!") and "No pasa nada" ("nothing happened"), both casual dismissals of fan reactions and opponents alike.

Los Ingobernables tore a bloody path through CMLL and became a dominant stable on a level Lucha Libre has not seen in the 21st century, collecting dozens of championships and victories while fully tranquilos, and even leading to the birth of their extremely successful Japanese off-shoot Los Ingobernables de Japon under New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Eventually, of course, having a faction literally named and themed around being ungovernable led to problems, with La Sombra and Rush going to war with one another and the faction as of itself more or less wholly coming apart at the seams at the end of the decade. All founding members had left CMLL by 2019, calling the death knell for the original Los Ingobernables...

...And the opening bell for La Facción Ingobernable, their reborn (and legally distinct) incarnation under the banner of AAA and Ring of Honor (and AEW), where founder Rush flourishes alongside his unpredictable companions.

No matter the company, nothing governs Los Ingobernables!

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    Current members of La Facción Ingobernable 
  • Rush, lead founder of both versions of the group.
  • Andrade El Ídolo, co-founder as La Sombra, he was ousted from the original group after feuding with founder Rush and found his own path in WWE as Andrade "Cien" Almas, and more recently in AAA and AEW under his current ring name. He rejoined the group when Rush came to AEW.
  • La Bestia del Ring (originally joined as Pierroth), the father of Rush, Dragon Lee and Dralístico.
  • Vangelis (or Vangellys, there is some confusion on how it is spelt), interestingly he once asked to join the original group and even turned on his trios partners to let them win a match, but was rejected and then beaten up, which led to a feud with La Bestia del Ring (as Pierroth) that ended in a Lucha de Apuestas where he had all his hair shaved off as a result. His recruitment into the new version of the group was quite unexpected, and he only appears with them in independent lucha libre promotions.
  • José the Assistant: Andrade El Ídolo's assistant in AEW, who now serves as one to the whole group.
  • Dralístico, Rush's younger brother, the original Dragon Lee and the second Místico, which he combined into his current ring name. Reportedly quit the faction after the fallout of the AEW trios match, siding with Dragon Lee. Though for some reason is now teaming with the faction again.
  • Preston Vance: A former member of The Dark Order known as Ten, who he betrayed to side with Rush and the Andrade Family Office.

    Former members of Los Ingobernables and La Facción Ingobernable 
  • La Máscara, the other co-founder, was ousted when he got into an altercation with Rush’s brother Dragon Lee. He responded by declaring war on the entire Muñoz family that eventually led to a Mask vs. Mask match with Dragon Lee, which he lost, unmasked, then reconciled with Rush. He was also part of La Facción Ingobernable when it first formed, but left after Nación Lucha Libre shut down.
  • Tetsuya Naito, a member during the CMLL days who didn't so much leave as formed his own branch.
  • Killer Kross, currently fighting under WWE as Karrion Kross.
  • Scarlett Bordeaux, by association with Kross above.
  • El Terrible, who now is the leader of the new CMLL-approved version dubbed Los Nuevos Ingobernables, with Ángel de Oro and Niebla Roja.
  • Rey Escorpión.
  • Marco Corleone (better known in the States as Mark Jindrak)
  • Konnan, brought the group to AAA.
  • L.A Park, a rather odd addition as he was an enemy of Rush for years.
  • Amy Rose, Ring of Honor only.
  • Kenny King, Ring of Honor only.
  • Dragon Lee, Rush's youngest brother and the second Dragon Lee after his other brother gave it up to become the second Místico. Was kicked out of the faction after he, Rush and Andrade lost a trios match against Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks in AEW, with additional reasons given as failing to embrace the rudo style of the group, though Rush claims that if he does become a rudo he would be welcomed back. Is now with the WWE.

Tranquilo Tropes:

  • Alternate Company Equivalent: They have been thought of as a Lucha Libre counterpoint to Bullet Club, though more-so in the sense of being extremely dominant tweener factions which have branched out to other companies than their original one. Los Ingobernables would indeed end up clashing with Bullet Club by way of their NJPW spin-off Los Ingobernables de Japón. Both also have a signature hand gesture of sorts ("too sweet" for Bullet Club and the closed-fist-bump for Los Ingobernables).
  • Badass Creed / Catchphrase: "Tranquilo!" and "No pasa nada!" (Rush's own catchphrases, meaning "Chill" and "That was nothing!" respectively) are the group's mantra for all situations. Andrade and Naito would continue to carry over the "Tranquilo" creed as they branched out.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: They were originally refered to as "Los Indeseables" ("The Undesirables") before settling on their current name.
  • Light Is Not Good: Often paired up with a stark white color scheme, but Los Ingobernables are absolutely ruthless.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: During their days in CMLL, they had a fondness for white suits. They still use them every now and then.
  • Smug Super: Their founding motif as babyfaces who embraced their perceived atheltic and moral superiority.
  • Then Let Me Be Evil: Their origin, essentially, as despised babyfaces who "embraced the hate". To this day, the concept of embracing the heat (intentional or not) is key to Los Ingobernables.
  • Wild Card: They are literally call themselves "the ungovernables". Never be sure what to expect.
  • Writing Around Trademarks: The name Los Ingobernables belongs to CMLL, so the faction gets by on the variation "La Facción Ingobernable" (The Ungovernable Faction) in AAA.