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Nightmare Fuel / Fargo Season One

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  • Gus stops Malvo after running a stop sign. Malvo calmly and creepily intimidates Gus into leaving him alone, and due to Billy Bob Thornton's utterly skin-crawling performance, it's nigh-impossible not to sympathize with Gus. Malvo gives the impression of being a black hole of evil who won't be stopped by a lone cop.
  • Malvo ties Don Chumph up with an unloaded gun taped to his hands, gags him and then attracts the attention of the police. He then shoots from a safe spot, causing the cops to open fire on a helpless Don who can only desperately and vainly scream through his gag as he's cut down. It's a horrific, prolonged death.
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  • After the Time Skip in "The Heap", we see that Lester has gotten his life back together, has a loving new wife, and just got named "Insurance Salesman of the Year". Yessiree, everything seems to be goin' gangbusters for ol' Lester... and then he runs into Lorne Malvo. Aww jeez...
  • "Is this what you want, Lester?"
  • How Linda is sent to her death by her own husband.
  • In the closing act of the finale where Malvo is trying to fix his fractured leg (courtesy of a bear trap laid by Lester), we get to see the flesh and bone sticking out as he applies the brace. Jeez.
  • Also when Gus shows Malvo's collection of tape recordings to Molly, indicating that Lester was just one of many people that Malvo corrupted into becoming as much of a monster as he was.

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