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Characters / Fargo Season One

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  • The Nygaard Family: Lester Nygaard, Chazz Nygaard, Kitty Nygaard, Linda Nygaard, Gordo Nygaard, Pearl Nygaard
  • The Solverson-Grimly Family: Molly Solverson, Lou Solverson, Betsy Solverson, Gus Grimly, Greta Grimly
  • Fargo Crime Syndicate: Moses Tripoli, Wes Wrench, Grady Numbers, Mr. Jergen, Mr. Carlyle, Max Gold
  • Other Criminals: Lorne Malvo, Don Chumph, Mr. Rundle, Phil McCormick
  • Law Enforcement: Vern Thurman, Bill Oswalt, Knudsen, Ben Schmidt, Webb Pepper, Bill Budge
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  • Other Characters: Sam Hess, Gina Hess, Mickey Hess, Moe Hess, Stavros Milos, Helena Milos, Dmitri Milos, Wally Semenko, Bo Munk, Ida Thurman, Ari Ziskind, Rachel Ziskind, Burt Canton, Louise Canton, Jemma Stalone

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