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Nightmare Fuel / Cryostasis

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  • Many of the creatures have been morphed into horrifyingly symbolic versions of their former selves.
  • The sequence on the medical deck is creepy. Particularly when you realize that Everyone is being treated for radiation sickness.
  • The hooded man that you see periodically throughout the ship, staring with a blank face is rather disconcerting. Especially with the strong implication towards the end that this is in fact you.
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  • The kitchen flashback. You're a defenseless cook and have to navigate a room overrun by undead dogs. The dogs are normally occupied with gorging on meat, but get close to them and they'll growl, get too close to them and you're dead. And the room's layout will only let you pass them by a narrow margin. It may not sound too scary on paper, but it is.
  • The Mental Echo power allows you to relive the last moments of a dead body's life. You can use it on a side of beef in the ship's kitchen freezer.
  • Let's get a recap on the enemies shall we?
    • The basic 'zombies' are a lot smarter than the common use of this trope. Not only they are able to use weapons and the environment against you, they also are a lot faster. Early in the game you encounter a version with its head wrapped around in a cloth. At first it seems out of place but then you realize that (as mentioned above) they were radiation victims.
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    • The 'welders' - fast enemies that (as their name implies) have blowtorches for hands.That somehow make you COLDER.
    • The gun wielding enemies are also accurate and mobile despite being half-frozen. The ones with SVT-40s are even capable of taking cover and rolling to avoid your shots.
    • Then there's the famous 'ice-spider' - a shriveled, frozen body of a person (who appeared to be alive and friendly a few seconds ago) moving on four icy legs. It's fast, deadly and tough and shrugs off all of your attacks until you figure out the way to beat it.
    • Around the time things start to get symbolic you meet the 'Jailer' - a frozen body carrying a PPSh and carrying a ring of keys in its teeth. But what stands out the most is the fact that it has a miniature CELL inside its head - with the front bars in place of eyes. The back of its head is flat with a window whose bars have been cut, a rope made out of bedsheets frozen to its clothes.
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    • One of the toughest enemies are the 'wardens' - hulking brutes dressed in heavy coats with heads encased in a metal mask. It double-wields PPShs and carries two flashlights attached to its head. Whenever it appears it blares out like a siren.


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