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YMMV / Cryo Stasis

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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The vision of the Big Bang and the Earth being created, followed directly by finding a frozen Earth wrapped in frozen chains hanging in the cafeteria. Even by the game's usual standards it's unexplained and weird.
    • It's not necessarily unexplainable - a reply to a post analysing the game's story, posted on the Cryostasis Forums, offers an explanation:
    "The game is trying to make a commentary about the problems of humanity and the world. This is also evident when at one point there is a globe trapped in icy chains. It's important to note that this occurs right after the prison scene where you see the world through the perspective of your enemies. The end of this scene has you entering the mind of the guy who is hitting the pan on the floor. You then see the world being formed as we know it today. The events on the North Wind are perhaps meant to mirror the problems of the real world."
  • Demonic Spiders: Nearly literal; a spider-like type of ice-zombie monster serves as a miniboss on a couple occasions. You'll learn to loathe it.
    • Also a nonliteral example in the form of every mook that carries a gun before you've got a few of your own. There's practically a Sudden Gameplay Change as you make the adjustment from mostly melee combat to using ranged weapons.
  • Game-Breaker: The water cannon added in the PhysX patch. Its continuous fire pins down enemies and prevents them from attacking, besides dealing a great deal of damage. The cannon uses icicles as ammo, which is extremely plentiful in the environment.


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