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Nightmare Fuel / Crypt Worlds

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In some circles, Crypt Worlds is known for its weirdness, its sense of humour, and its charm. Sounds like a fun little fever dream, right? Not if you keep thinking about what makes the world tick, or realize that the lore leaves lots of room for the possibility of eternally tortured souls, dystopic realms, and serious incomprehensible suffering of ingame characters. Thanks to its simple but mysterious, effective 3D-rendered nature, playing Crypt Worlds too much might just cause it to haunt your dreams.


  • The world is a very small, un-economical place with very little in the way of decent civil-engineering. Prilgrimes live in a messy tangle of support beams and floors with no proper walls or privacy. The gameplay manual suggests that the entire world in canon is limited to everything you can possibly see while playing the game. Crypt Worlds becomes quite small once you get used to it.
  • In this game, Hell exists, and it's not the world you started in. Poetically enough, it's essentially a waiting room. It opens with a room of bizarrely-shaped cultists trying to awaken a god, with a music track that eventually goes way into Sensory Abuse with loud, digital screaming noises. You can reach this area by simply dropping through a signposted hole in the floor, or you could just go too many days without eating anything.
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  • Through a little-known bad ending, achieved by awakening an Eldritch Abomination, you can basically destroy the world. The game stays that way, and doesn't revert or finish automatically like the other two endings do. The Chaos God destroys almost everything about the game, replacing the world with an eternal red hellscape with very few outstanding details. No living creature is left, except you and the Unicorn Goddess, and of course, the Chaos God himself, seen flying above every area of sky in the game, gritting his massive teeth.
  • Crypt Worlds is aware of its status of a videogame, but that doesn't dull the lurking doom at all. Instead, characters in the Debug Maze exacerbate it by talking about how they, as a feature, did not make it into the game you are playing and appearing to be disappointed about the fact. In other words, they were unable to become a part of existence itself, and know they weren't.
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  • The Waiting Room in Hell is not just a wait for a door to open. It's a quite fleshed-out area with unsettling details. A giant pair of lips that turns out to be the receptionist, tiny skulls on shelves, and a bed with a copy of (YOU) lying on it. You can even interact with it - only to get a short message that simply says "...". Because of pronoun trouble, you don't know if the ellipsis came from the real character who is playing the game, or the body on the table.
  • In the tunnels, a special, drawn out quest will reward you for achieving it. It involves going back and forth with strange television screen objects, and assimilating 10 skeletal pilgrimes in the tunnels to the local hivemind - by stuffing each incredibly weird device over the top of their heads.

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