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Nightmare Fuel / CZW

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And you thought ECW was violent...

  • "Sick" Nick Mondo's matches often went into this territory, even by garbage wrestling standards. This is the same Mondo who at the previous year's Tournament of Death got electric-weedwhacked.
    • Fun fact, most falls over 30 imperial feet are lethal. Having already survived a 25+ foot fall off the back of a semi trailer at a prior CZW event, "Sick" Nick Mondo decided to top himself by going off the roof of a building with company owner John Zandig. Now a table was there to "break" their fall but Mondo overshot it and almost died by rupturing an artery in his back. Think that's the end of his career? Not quite, see this was only his second match at "tournament of death" that day and he won despite that injury, meaning he still had one more match of splinters and glass to go. Oh, and he would later state that fall which nearly killed him and the match coming afterward did not produce his most painful CZW injuries, they were just the warning signs that it was maybe time to take a break before he got broken.
  • Rory Mondo and Danny Havoc's feud worked around invoking memories of the injuries suffered in Sick Nick's career.
  • The "i quit match" between Wifebeater and Zandig. Featured such spots as Zandig being hit with a weedwhacker, then covered in salt.
  • Thumbtack Jacks use of a syringe as a weapon. Especially his habit of filling it with water, then sticking it through the cheeks of his opponent and squirting it out, to prove that it's real.