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Nightmare Fuel / Alternate Worlds

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  • The end of Chapter 1. When Tatsumi reluctantly submits to Esdeath's demands, he refuses to meet her gaze. A good thing, too, as she's giving him a look of pure adoration comparable to Yuno Gasai's infamous "yandere face".
  • Esdeath's genocide of the North was only briefly mentioned in the manga. Here, Tatsumi actually sees it.
  • Esdeath in general is this, as the story completely forgoes all the comedic elements of her crush on Tatsumi from the manga and showcases just how terrible his life would be if he was stuck with her. Her mood-swings, brought about by his staunch refusal to embrace her insane worldview, just serve to make her more terrifying.
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  • Anytime Esdeath goes into "ultra-possessive yandere mode". Is it any wonder she's been compared to Mana Ouma?

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