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Nightmare Fuel / A Brother's Price

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  • The characters' fear of venereal diseases is entirely justified. Eldest Whistler talks at length about how one woman's ill-fated visit to a crib before getting married resulted in her passing syphilis to her entire family, causing all their children to be stillborn and cursing her sisters and new husband to die a slow, agonizing death over many months.
  • The cribs themselves. The buildings are essentially prisons, brothels and breeding pens rolled into one, where men are force-fed drugs which keep them in a constant state of arousal and studded out for ten crowns a night. The conditions in most are implied to be filthy and the chances of catching one of the aforementioned diseases are not inconsiderable. Worse still is that the vast majority of their occupants are rape victims or men sold to them in order to cover family debts. Many characters talk about how horrible it is that they exist, but men are so rare and breeding is so important that they simply can't be abolished without destabilizing society at large.
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  • Keifer Porter. And all he did. I don't even want to think about what he could have done to the youngest sisters. And once you think about how many men like him there are in the whole country, and that most families won't be willing to throw their valuable husband out of the house for any reason ... pure nightmare fuel.
  • Consider how furious the princesses were over Jerin's abduction, even knowing who the guilty parties were and knowing that those parties' plans required Jerin to remain unharmed. Also, consider that when they did get him back uninjured and unraped, they still found it totally reasonable to wipe out the entire family involved. Now, try to imagine, if you can, the royal wrath had they not gotten him back safe.
    • After everything they did, they would have all been executed anyway, even if they had not kidnapped Jerin. They murdered the previous prince consort, murdered several of the Queen Mothers and elder princesses, stole crown weapons, wanton murder of country folk, murder of dozens of soldiers, attempted mass murder of capital's garrison, kidnapping prince consort, attempted murder of remaining princesses, and to top it all off - an attempted coup. Really, they all had it coming.
      • Granted, but one can reasonably assume the executions to have been basically clinical. Had a group of royal Vengeful Widows gotten their hands on the women who'd harmed/killed their new and loved husband, those deaths would have been a lot slower and more painful, in all likelihood.
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  • The setting as whole qualifies, particularly when you consider that a significant part of society involves chattel slavery and commodification of an entire gender, far beyond anything in Real Life.

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