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Literature / Philippines and the Three Renegade Countries

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Philippines and the three renegade countries is a Alternate History Timeline created by kasumigenx which started in it is also known as Filipinas La Colonia Y Los Tres Paises Renegados, this timeline that explores a scenario about an independent Luzon surviving to the present.

It can be read on Alternate [1] or in Wattpad [2].

It exists on the same universe as the Timeline of Ryudrago named Brothers of Italy.


Contains examples of:

  • Alternate History — A Surviving Tondo Dynasty and a successor state of the Kingdom of Tondo.
  • Brother–Sister Incest — marriage between King Mandaya III and his sister, which he made as queen, his kids ended up okay.
  • Evil Matriarch — Chinta, remembered as the most evil Queen of Irraya.


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