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"Bladewing. Do a barrel Roll!"
— Juan Castillo

Artemis Neo is a Science Fiction Short Story Web Original written by H-M Brown. A homage to Space Opera and Shoot 'em Up video games, Artemis Neo takes place in the future where Earth annexed and incorporated an uninhabited planet named Artemis and it's mineral enriched asteroid field. From there, humanity set up colonies orbiting the planet, and established borders to form countries.


The story follows the tale of Russell Johnson and his wing-men, the Skyhawk Squadron. They work as mechanics for the garage known as Artemis Neo on one of the three moons orbiting the planet called Neo Luna II, but they take side jobs as pilots for various missions to help pay for the rental cost of docking their specially designed fighter planes called Sidewinders in the garage.

While although Artemis Neo has faster than light travel, it's Sci Fi Hardness is at it's most extreme ranging from no sound in space to the actual use of bullets and missiles.

Artemis Neo is available via this link.

"Here there be spoilers!"


Artemis Neo contains examples of:

  • Asteroid Miners - West Haven, New Vancouver, Cascadia on the moon Neo Luna II is an asteroid mining town.
  • Mohs Scale of Science Fiction Hardness - 3 . The story does feature faster than light travel in the form of the ARC Drive breaking logic, however the G.A.P.S. (Gyroscopic Axis Propulsion System) is what allows the Sidewinders to maneuver like the ships in Shoot 'em Up video games to explain away the illogical. All logistical physics of space in real life is present in the story.
  • Naming Your Colony World - Let the list begin...
    • Planets: Artemis
    • Towns: West Haven
    • Provinces/States: New Vancouver
    • Countries: Cascadia
  • Shoot 'em Up - The story pays homage to it.
  • Space Opera


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