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Lampshades hung in the real world.

  • When the Allies invaded Normandy, Adolf Hitler had taken a sleeping pill and was not to be awakened, full stop, new paragraph. A German general mused on how improbable the situation was.
  • In the English court case of R v Collins, Edmund Davies LJ commented that "This is about as extraordinary a case as my brethren and I have ever heard.... Were [the facts] put into a novel or portrayed on the stage, they would be regarded as being so improbable as to be unworthy of serious consideration and verging at times on farce."
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  • The Heart Attack Grill of Chandler, AZ. In addition to offering nothing but super-fatty burgers and fries, the owner dresses as a doctor and the waitresses dress as nurses to put the unhealthy nature of his food bluntly.
  • China has the notorious "one-child" policy, which states that parents can only bear one child per family or face a loss of social benefits. This has shifted the birthrate towards the male side in China. This was lampshaded in a Chinese textbook published by the state with a discussion question saying "Imagine that in the future, you could only have one child. Would you like a boy or a girl?"
  • For pages about tropes, there will a folder section for TV Tropes, lampshading how TV Tropes uses the trope explained on the page in some fashion. Very meta. Even more meta is the logo, though it could just be drunk.
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  • Murphy's laws.
  • "I don't mean to complain" is something you say right before you complain.
  • "I don't mean to brag" is something you say right before you brag.
    • In summary the apophasis is a rhetorical lampshade hanging.
  • Real Radio XS and Jack FM lampshade many, many radio cliches, with the voiceover artist attempting to be Man of a Thousand Voices.
  • Any point at which TV Tropes indicates the presence of Lampshade Hanging, including this entry itself, and any consequent lampshading of this example that may exist.
  • Every Self-Demonstrating Article, which this is and currently lampshades.
  • Every TV Tropes article demonstrates the existence of some literary device or other aspect of a message or story (or real life); therefore, it stands to reason to say that every moment in which this site makes a statement or other indication of the presence of anything is Lampshade Hanging (although the only things which are to be taken note of are the things it lampshades themselves).
  • Any moment in which a person refers to the existence of oneself.
    • Any instance in which a person (or anything at all) refers to the existence of anything.
      • Anything that has meaning; for example, the thought or statement "I exist" or "this website enumerates literary devices"... so, any articulation, declaration, or indication of anything (meaning that the only thing that makes the Lampshade Hanging described on this website noteworthy is its application inasmuch as calling to attention examples of tropes frequently used in literature).
  • The Virgin American inflight safety video is filled with lampshades and borders on parody.
    • "If you're the 0.00000000001 of you who have never used a seatbelt before..."
    • Southwest Airlines also gets cheeky with its inflight briefings
  • Before awarding Roy P. Benavidez the Medal of Honor, President Ronald Reagan reportedly told the press "If the story of his heroism were a movie script, you would not believe it."
  • Radio commercials for Gold's Horseradish over the decades have used several different slogans punctuated by the ringing of a bell. For the last few years, the very Jewish-sounding announcer has been ending the commercials by demanding to know who is ringing the bell and why.
  • Recent Newcastle Brown Ale commercials give us a few black and white clips of miners from Newcastle, England, followed by the line "Because nothing sells beer like old footage of people who had it way worse than you do."
  • This is a feminine product commercial by Kotex that make fun of traditional advertising techniques for pads and tampons.
  • This old newscast has an expert lampshade the Narmy Engrish of "Lightforce Dr. Hill's Spirulina Snake Bladder High".
  • A large company published the following statement:
    If our efforts to protect the security of personal information about our guests and team members are unsuccessful, we could be subject to costly government enforcement actions and private litigation and our reputation could suffer.
    The nature of our business involves the receipt and storage of personal information about our guests and team members. We have a program in place to detect and respond to data security incidents. To date, all incidents we have experienced have been insignificant. If we experience a significant data security breach or fail to detect and appropriately respond to a significant data security breach, we could be exposed to government enforcement actions and private litigation. In addition, our guests could lose confidence in our ability to protect their personal information, which could cause them to discontinue usage of REDcards, decline to use our pharmacy services, or stop shopping with us altogether. The loss of confidence from a significant data security breach involving team members could hurt our reputation, cause team member recruiting and retention challenges, increase our labor costs and affect how we operate our business.
    • The above appeared in the 2012 Securities and Exchange Commission Form 10-K, filed by Target Corporation. In 2013, Target experienced the worst data breach to happen to any company, exposing personal information on more than 70 million Target customers. More-or-less, almost everything Target predicted happened to the company due to the 2013 "data security incident"
  • "radare2", a piece of open sourced reverse engineering software, has a biased comparison web page between itself, IDA Pro and Hopper. The first sentence of said comparison web page?
    This is a (completely unfair) comparison between radare2, IDA Pro and Hopper.
  • Whenever you say, "No pun intended." Especially when the pun was intended.
  • Existentialism, sort of.


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