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Female Examples

  • Larisa from Sandra and Woo is, as a diabetic, on insulin, among other things. "Cute" is not the right word to describe the chaotic pyromaniac fille fatale that Larisa is, though.
  • MegaTokyo
    • Miho is...complicated. Short version: Lots of fainting spells and time in the hospital. Long version: She's the Ill Girl, the in-universe Trope Maker. Her story, the archetype of a young girl dying from some nameless disease, tugged on the heartstrings of the world so much that it became more "real" than she ever was. She is forced to relive her sickness and "die" over and over again. How long this has been going on is unclear, but long enough that she hates the archetype she created. And just to further complicate things, she's The Chessmaster and the closest thing the comic has to a Big Bad.
      Miho: Have you ever fallen in love with a girl because you knew she was going to die?
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    • In-universe, Kotone, the girl Kimiko is voicing in the game Sight, is another Ill Girl. Details are sparse, but apparently she was kept innocent and sheltered her entire life. She's an Expy of Miho, just like every other in-universe Ill Girl. Once we see Miho with long hair, the physical similarities become more clear.
  • Mecha Maid in Spinnerette has Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) likely because of being experimented on as a baby and is unable to move except in her Powered Armor. It's Played for Drama as it's made abundantly clear that this condition is slowing destroying her body and is going to be fatal.
  • Hwan Sung-Ah in The Gamer is a victim of a permanent Status Effect that makes her a classic Ill Girl.
  • In Knite, we have a terminally ill Min-Min, as a result of pollution.
  • Magical 12th Graders: Yeorum is a psychological version during the current story, and in flashbacks she was doted on by her parents for physical problems. She was faking at least some of it for the attention.
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  • In Demon Street, Kate suffered from an unknown illness causing coughing fits while living in the human world. The air of the demon world she became stuck in cured her symptoms.

Male Examples

  • Parodied in Ansem Retort, where Axel and Zexion deliberately infect Riku with AIDS to make him the poster child for their charity AIDS Aid.


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