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  • After Grace's intern Jillian starts becoming like Karen and blowing off work, Karen tells Jillian that she should aspire to be like Grace and praising Grace for her hard work, which shows you that inspite of Karen's insults towards Grace and her li-aid-back attitude towards work that underneath it all she really does genuinely respect Grace. Best part is Grace overhears the entire thing.
  • Will and Nathan helping Jack get over the revelation of his real father being dead by holding a memorial.
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  • The real reason Karen didn't invite Will, Grace and Jack to her birthday parties was that they would stop taking her out to some crappy dinner, which is what she was really looking forward to about her birthday.
  • From the series finale: Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally performing a duet of Unforgettable. While it might be a bit of a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment in the episode, seeing as how Jack and Karen were paired off so many times in the show's run, it's a sweet moment.
  • In the revival, Karen tags along when Jack teaches drama to a bunch of middle schoolers, and winds up chatting with a girl named Tasha. The two get along in their own, snarky way, and it's eventually revealed that Tasha just had her first period and is feeling anxious about it. Karen, amazingly, turns out to be just the person to handle it, and comforts Tasha by telling her about her first period.
    Karen: If I survived, so will you.
    Tasha: ...You're not really mean, are you?
    Karen: Mind your business. (she and Tasha smile)
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  • Also in the revival, Jack meets his grandson Skip, who's gay — and he finds out his son Elliot is sending the kid to a conversion therapy camp. Jack and Will promptly drop everything to rescue him.
  • Rosario's funeral is a combination of this and a powerful tearjerker. Especially Karen's speech at the end. Karen may be mean, but she truly loves and cares for her maid.
    • Especially when Karen says good-bye in Spanish, given that she often pretended not to speak it to annoy Rosario.
  • After cheating on her with another woman, both Karen and his mistress Lorainne are stunned to find out that Stan left his ex-wife his entire fortune. The will saying that while he loved Lorraine physically, he loved Karen with all his heart.
  • Jack’s wedding in the revival is full of them, but most notably, Will proposing to McCoy.
  • In "Homo for the Holidays" after Jack attempts to come out to his mother but cannot, Will tells him about how back when they first met when Will was still in denial about who he was, Jack came out to Will and asked him "Aren't you tired yet"?. Will then tells Jack that he's thankful that Jack showed him what he was missing out on. Jack is still hesistant to tell his mother, but then Will tells him "Aren't you tired yet?" and then hugs Jack.
    • Then Jack actually comes out to his mother and while she initially sits in stunned silence at first, she then says she just wants Jack to be happy and hugs him.


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