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Heartwarming / Why Am I Crying?

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    Apple Bloom 
Chapter 2
  • Diamond Tiara's last diary entry, saying that she is going to spend the holidays with her father for the first time since her mother and brother died, expecting it to be a chance to reconnect with her estranged parent.

Chapter 3

  • Diamond Tiara's diary:
    • Diamond describing her fourth birthday party in her diary, especially her time with Apple Bloom.
    • 7-year-old Diamond's excitement when she finds out that she's getting a baby brother, and her learning how to take care of a baby. Sadly, her hopes would come crashing down.
    • Filthy Rich shutting down the horrible camp his daughter suffered in. Diamond admitted that she was very grateful at having a protective father, and admitting that she should have written to him about the atrocities sooner.

Chapter 4

  • Diamond Tiara's diary:
    • While describing the events of "Family Appreciation Day" in her diary, Diamond Tiara admits that she really had nothing against Granny Smith when she was using her to embarrass Apple Bloom. She even expressed concern that she was growing senile as she got older.
    • Her expressing fondness for the Zap Apple harvest ritual, wishing that she was four years old again and having fun with Apple Bloom.
    • Diamond showing empathy to Dinky over her father's death. And while she still called her a "blank flank" and mocked her mother Derpy's crossed eyes, she still asked her kindly about how she's reeling in from her loss.
    • Diamond's relief for her father when he was hurt during the changeling invasion in Canterlot. She admits that, while he'll always put his work ahead of her, she knows it's all for her.
    "I love my dad, no matter what. I'll always love him. Tomorrow he told me we're gonna spend the day together, just the two of us. I don't care what we do or where we go, just as long as I still have my daddy."
    • Note that this was the entry that Apple Bloom showed Mr. Rich that made him realize that his daughter still loved him even though he always shooed her away.
  • The flashback to Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara playing in the mud as foals.
    Diamond Tiara: Thanks for letting me stay over at your place! It's so much fun!
    Apple Bloom: Anything for my best friend!
    Diamond Tiara: (blushing) I'm...your best friend?
    Apple Bloom: Of course!
  • Apple Bloom consoling Filthy Rich about everything he's been though, promising that she and the Apples will help him all the way.
    Apple Bloom: You're like a brother to my brother, and that makes you family in my eyes, and you don't ever abandon family.

    Sweetie Belle 
Chapter 3
  • Princess Luna protecting Sweetie Belle in her dreams by defeating a nightmare demon.
  • Sweetie Belle's meeting with Shoestring Catch, who reminds her that it's better to live one's life happily with your loved ones than to wallow in misery of your forthcoming death, especially when she's healthy and well.

Chapter 4

  • Rarity telling Sweetie Belle of how Crystal Eyes was still one of them despite living in Manehattan when she died. It just goes to show how closely-knit the ponies of Ponyville are.
  • The Cake twins happily looking at Diamond Tiara's body in her casket while repeatedly shouting "Daimon!". They really adored her.
  • The Crusaders saying goodbyes to Diamond Tiara
    • Apple Bloom apologizing to her for forgetting her, and reminiscing about Diamond's last birthday party from before she moved to Manehattan. She then forgives her "sister" and before places an old picture of them two playing in mud into the casket.
    • Sweetie Belle expresses that even though she was not the nicest of ponies, she knew that there had to be some good in her, and that she regrets that they never got over their problems with each other.
    • While Scootaloo admits that she can't find it in herself to forgive Diamond Tiara, at least not yet, she promises to look after Silver Spoon and help her recover from her trauma.
  • Fluttershy singing "Hush Now, Quiet Now" while everypony comes up to put a white flower in Diamond Tiara's casket.
    • When Sweetie Belle expresses some of Diamond's former victims in attendance weren't going to put their flowers in, she was happy that Scootaloo wasn't one of them.
  • Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo apologizing to each other for their fight earlier.

Chapter 1
  • Crimson promising Scootaloo that he'll try to come home early from his night job.

Chapter 2

  • The picture Mrs. Cake shows Scootaloo, in which Diamond Tiara is reading Pound and Pumpkin a picture book while they snuggled at her sides.
  • While Scootaloo still has No Sympathy for Diamond Tiara's death in this chapter, she saves Silver Spoon from getting beaten up by the Daze twins because she knew that Silver didn't deserve it.

Chapter 3

  • Several moments during Miss Cheerilee's story:
    • She got her cutie mark by teaching her little sister her ABCs.
    • Cheerilee and her family healing after she realized the errors of her ways. Her sister was actually the first to run up and hug her.
      • In fact, it was here that Scootaloo no longer felt ill will toward her teacher for being a bully, and came up to embrace her. She finally realized that bullies can change.
  • After Scootaloo criticizes her father for being weak for not standing up for himself in high school, Cheerilee tells Scootaloo that her father is stronger than she gives him credit for, because not only did he not become a bully after all he went through, but that he was able to raise his daughter in spite of his wife leaving him
  • Scootaloo stopping Silver Spoon from killing herself.
    • And, for the first time, she felt no anger or hatred toward Diamond Tiara, instead having respect for her former bully's act of selflessness and bravery at the cost of her own life. All that was on her mind now was comforting a broken filly who lost her best friend.

Chapter 4

  • Scootaloo waiting for Silver Spoon outside the cemetery while she visited Diamond Tiara's grave.
  • It's mentioned that Rainbow Dash, now an acting member of the Wonderbolts, gave Scootaloo her old flight goggles on her 13th birthday to help her cope with the fact that she will never fly like a normal pegasus.
  • Scootaloo looking with fondness at the fillies and colts wearing CMC capes, noting how the little club she and her friends started when they were kids grew into a Ponyville tradition.
  • Sweetie Belle ended up fulfilling Shoestring Catch's wish to have a girlfriend before he died of cancer.
  • Scootaloo finally forgiving Diamond Tiara.
    • Right before she does, she stands by the gravestone and tries to remember some of her more evil acts (the Gabby Gums incident, Babs Seed, etc.), but the memories didn't make her angry like they used to, and she knew there that she was ready to forgive.

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