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Heartwarming / The White Wolf of Westeros

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  • Despite his devotion to good, Geralt getting stuck in Westeros is because of his love for Cirella. One man changed the game of thrones because he loved enough.
  • Geralt slowly finding friendship and love with House Stark. He muses that they're among the few honorable houses he's known, and he finds new ways to strike up friendships with others.
  • Geralt, knowing all about being shunned by others, strikes up a quick friendship with Tyrion, thus beginning his work to be the man to unite the seven kingdoms in friendship.
    • And he helps Tyrion persuade Jon to join Robert's feast.
  • While journeying up to the wall with Jon and Tyrion, Lord Eddard gives Geralt the best honor he can given their informal situations. He names him a Stark Champion, carrier of their values. Not even a year at Winterfell, and Geralt has truly become a true friend of the Starks.
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  • Talking with Maester Aemon, Geralt finds another old wise soul like Emphyr to ease his mind. And, to have someone older than him to give advice about life.
  • Before leaving Jon for a VERY long time, he leaves him the wolf medallion of his sigil. Thus, like with Bran, beginning to form his intimate circle of friends.
  • Geralt's conversation with Cersei about children. That both of them want to keep them well, but Geralt has the extra understanding that part of being a parent is preparing the kids to leave their shadow afterwards.
  • Geralt saves the butcher's boy, thus growing his legend as not just a great fighter, but a defender of the small folk too.
  • Geralt getting an unexpected gift from O'Dimm: his beloved horse Roach gets brought over, much to Geralt's pleasure.
  • Geralt's knack for making unusual friends includes him striking a professional interest with Mott and a calmer, unusual partnership with Ser Davos.
  • Geralt at the Melee: He was already honored by Tyrion, but in this clash, he also gained a few new friends.
    • Loras Tyrell honored Sandor and Geralt for saving his life. Handing Sandor the prize, but also promising aid to Geralt in the future, adding another in to his role as grand uniter of Westeros.
    • Thoros of Myr sees in Geralt a true warrior that he's honored to lose to.
    • And in Jamie, they found each other a true Worthy Opponent with respect.
  • Geralt gives Bronn a key message in their last conversation before the trial: tell Tyrion that we will meet again and have drinks to share stories on our adventures. Aside from the Starks, it's a sign that Tyrion has become Geralt's true friend.
  • Though they failed at the end of the line, Ned's death here has shafts of light in it. He gets to say goodbye to Sansa and Arya, asking them to look after each other, and telling them sincerely that he loves them.
  • Geralt helping to mentor Arya and Sansa into new positions in the game of thrones. Showing Arya the dangers of indulging in the Cycleof Revenge, and providing support to Sansa that she doesn't have to learn diplomacy all at once.
  • Geralt has a fun day with Princess Shireen. Not looking down on her at all, and telling great stories to give the grey princess some new fun in her life.
    • And then, inspiring her to then say goodbye to Stannis. Allowing the stern stag a smile for the best thing in his life, and a hug.
  • The growing friendship between Ciri and Daenerys. Both were so similar, but having the experience, Ciri also gets to mentor her to be a better ruler alongside her journey.
    • And in her gentle care, Dany begins to see Ciri as more of a sister in pretending than Viserys ever was a brother in reality.
  • Robb Stark reunites his family at White Harbor. Grateful that Geralt did well by his father, and thankful to Stannis for doing as duty asked by bringing them back together.
  • Geralt gets to hear that Ciri is alive.
  • Before returning to Winterfell, Sansa wishes Geralt to keep doing what he does best: help people.
    • Geralt actually chokes up at this, indicating that the Starks are now a part of his extended family.
  • After a tough battle, Geralt gets to reunite with Nymeria. Thus hopefully holding onto her so to fulfill his promise to Arya.
  • Despite Hadrian's own unsureness and trauma, lord Blackwood charges him to lead his people to safety as the Crones overrun their castle. Much like Geralt, it's a man of shamed origins, rising to greatness through hope and courage.
  • Jon is inspired by Geralt to find a better way to handle the issue between Free Folk and Night Watch. That it's not a lesser of two evils anymore. It's all about finding a better way for all.
  • Though the world is still rocky, the stark siblings get a Group Hug in before Robb needs to go south to help Stannis win his throne.
  • Emerging from terror and pain, Catelyn is filled with hope when she hears that Geralt secured Fairmarket for them, as she knows no better man to defeat the monsters that now hold Riverrun.