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Heartwarming / Weathering With You

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  • Hodaka and Hina’s relationship:
    • In the beginning, Hina uses her waitress skills to provide Hodaka with a hamburger, seeing how hungry he is.
    • When Hodaka discovers Hina’s magical sunshine powers, this is the first time he ever sees the sun in Tokyo.
    • Because of the traumatic abuse that he suffered at his father’s hands, Hodaka literally sees Hina as the only sunshine he’s ever had in his life.
    • Keisuke and Nagi are very supportive of their relationship, so they’re not alone.
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    • Then we have the last scene itself. Hodaka and Hina are not only reunited, but it is likely they’ll spend a bright future together.
  • Suga's relationship with his daughter. Its clear he loves her more than anything and nor being able to se her really hurts him.
  • The father/son relationship that Hodaka and Keisuke Suga seem to develop throughout the movie is actually quite sweet. Even more so when you consider the fact that Hodaka’s real father was (according to the novelization) a Jerkass who physically abused him.
    • Suga jumps in to help Hodaka and holds off Takai and another cop so he can get to Hina.
  • Nagi is a very sweet boy who actually defies the oft-used trope of being an Annoying Younger Sibling for a wiser kid who helps Hodaka and Hina get together, being something of a Chick Magnet himself.
  • Hodaka describes his return to Kozushima and his parents welcoming him back as “awkwardly, but warmly”. This implies that his mom and dad finally saw the error of their ways and Took a Level in Kindness.
  • Nagi’s ex-girlfriend has shades of warming up to him when the former concocts a plan to help Hodaka get to Hina.
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  • In the novelization, when Hodaka visits Fumi Tachibana's apartment after the time skip, he noticed a wedding photo of Taki. Word of God confirms that his bride is indeed Mitsuha.