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Heartwarming / Total Xtreme Island

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The Heartwarming Moments page is for post-viewing discussion, so all spoilers are unmarked per wiki policy.


  • Hazel, Izaya, Juvia, and Sage all becoming True Companions is possibly the nicest moment of the entire series, considering they all entered the game with No Social Skills and each of them having pretty huge issues, and yet in the end, they had all grown close through it.

Episode 6

  • Izaya and Juvia deciding to actually listen to Hazel's pleas saying that Devereux changed the votes, despite the fox's history of being a rather big jerk to everyone and him clearly opening the vote box, and then deciding to not only not turn him in, but believe him and decide to help him in taking out either Hyde or Devereux. In a way, it could almost be seen as the start of Hazel's Heel–Face Turn, due to finally being treated well by others for once on his team.

Episode 7

  • Hazel vowing to avenge Izaya after his elimination, and promising to also protect Juvia is genuinely sweet sounding, even if there is a lot of subtext about revenge against Kaden in there.


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