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Kyah: The Big Bad in the Making

In every TPI, it's simply common sense that SOMEBODY has to be the unlucky sucker who has to be the first boot. Usually, the way a first boot is handled is that upon their elimination, it has either established the power of a major antagonist, has gotten rid of an annoying hindrance that would have only derailed the story entirely if they stayed around longer, or just got rid of some clear fodder nobody believed could ever truly accomplish much of anything worth caring about. And when Kyah, the seemingly timid, nice girl got eliminated at the end of episode 1, everyone presumed it had been an example of the ladder, since nobody was exactly crying at her elimination.

Oddly enough though, in future episodes where the losers returned multiple times, Kyah was one of the few to basically be completely ignored. While Kai and Mimi, the other early boots of the game, actually got a decent amount of development and got to show off more of their personalities, Kyah seemingly stayed in the background still, with the only real trait being shown that she's not nearly as useless as everyone thought she would have been back in episode 1.


Then episode 25 happened, where oddly enough, Kyah was watching all three of the finalists of the season, and taking notes on them for bizarre reasons. The audience was left confused and somewhat baffled, since we had never seen her, or really anyone who wasn't an antagonist doing this before. It was an odd moment for everyone really...And then it happened again.

The finale of Total Xtreme Island ended up showing that their was indeed a potential fourth kind of first boot; The future relevance boot. The contestant who shows little to no importance to the overall plot of the season, but upon rereading it, and then going into any future work, you end up realizing exactly what the writers were planning. Kyah, this girl who you'd be forgiven for completely forgetting about, is suddenly not only revealed as the biggest threat in the entire game, but is revealed to have been part of one gigantic scheme involving getting the hosts of the show arrested, just so she could put the much crueler and infinitely more corrupt Barkeep in power. And then she promises to win...What the hell just happened?!


Kyah was a first boot who defied to standard trope of what it means to be one. She not had always been important to the story, just behind the scenes, but she has also shown herself to more than likely be the main antagonist of a future season in the series. And in the end, will this dinosaur even win the money after putting in this much effort to make sure of it? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.


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