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Heartwarming / The Transformers: Robots in Disguise

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  • Omega Supreme and Metalhawk's conversation in the annual, which single-handedly gives Metalhawk his hope and idealism back after it had been shattered by his experiences.
  • In issue 12, the Decepticons have finally degraded into violence after Prowl bombed their home and Megatron returned. When they take to the streets rioting, it cuts to Blurr in his bar welding plates down over the windows and door "Battening down the hatches" as he says. He asks if anyone wants to leave, and the scene shifts to Jazz, Sky-byte (the entertainment), and the patrons, Zetca, Tappet, Hippotank, Sqwawkbox and Octane (now called Tankor). The last two Decepticons say that they're fine, with Tankor/Octane admitting that despite being Decepticons, they like it here. It's especially neat when, back in the Ongoing, when Swindle questioned why they fought, Tankor said it was because they were Autobots.
  • A really warped one takes place in issue 14. The Reveal shows that Prowl isn't really becoming a new villain. He's just another victim.
  • In issue 16 after Blurr is hurt saving him, what's the first thing famed Con Man Swindle does? Risk his life and drag Blurr to safety while turning against Megatron and his loyalists. He does this despite the fact that he's missing an arm. When Zetca asks him why, Swindle's response sums up to: "Well somebody had to".
  • In issue 18: Arcee branding herself with a makeshift autobot insignia using her own sword to carve it on her shoulder, and also deciding to stand guard outside Bumblebee's room as he recovers.
  • In issue 21 Soundwave chooses to stand against Shockwave and his plan because Megatron gave hope to the underclass when he first rebelled and working with Shockwave would undermine that hope.
  • Soundwave's backstory as revealed in issue 22. He was just a poor, mentally ill person living on the streets, unable to even remember his real name. One day he met Ravage, Laserbeak, and Buzzsaw and the three taught him to control his synesthesia. They became True Companions, so close that the mere thought of Ravage getting injured causes Soundwave to fly into an Unstoppable Rage. It's explicitly noted that Soundwave is the only person who ever treated his cassettes like people due to the Functionism of the time.
  • Thundercracker's relationship with his puppy Buster. Enough said!
  • In issue 50, when Thundercracker is desperate to go fight the Decepticons in Shanghai to save his adopted homeworld, Faireborn refuses to allow it - because she really doesn't want him to die. Considering she'd treated Thundercracker as a giant flying pest up to this point, it's a pretty nice moment.
  • Optimus allows Thundercracker to join the Autobots.
  • In issue #57, in the aftermath of a huge battle against the Decepticons in the Indian Ocean, the EDC attack the still-recovering Autobots. An exhausted and badly hurt Thundercracker admits he just wants to go home and see his dog Buster again. Fast forward to the final page and he's shown happily in the background of the heroes' group shot with Buster trying to lick his face.
  • From the same issue: Soundwave opening up to Optimus about Ravage's death, how the cat-former originally made him understand the need for equality among all Transformers - and how Optimus has made him understand that applies to all life forms, not just Cybertronians. The issue ends with him vowing to stand by Optimus' side against the re-emergence of the Primes, and even calling him old friend as he does so.
  • The Transformers Holiday Special features a ton of heartwarming moments, but one of the best is when Starscream tries to pronounce his own holiday in which everybody pampers him. Unfortunately, that last part gets cut off, so all of Cybertron celebrates the holiday with each other. It's a perfect Christmas for everyone except Starscream... until all his subjects come to him and throw him a party, and become his friend... until the next day. It's enough to get Starscream smiling like we've never seen him smile.
  • The end of the 2018 annual features a dedication to all the writers and artists that have written a Transformers title for IDW, even the infamous Aubrey Sitterson.
  • In Optimus Prime issue 25, Optimus Prime's last words are "It never ends." A reference to Simon Furman, the one who started the IDW universe.