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Heartwarming / The Secret Saturdays

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  • Anytime Doc and Drew go Papa Wolf and Mama Bear. Do not hurt their kids.
  • While the clear love and care Doc and Drew show toward Zak is cute enough, they love their cryptid "children" just as much. They don't just have one kid, they have four.
    • Zak himself also considers his cryptid siblings to be real siblings. In "Ghost in the Machine," he gets DNA spliced and then DNA unspliced with them, which only strengthens their bond.
      Zak: You thought we were close before. We're DNA-brothers now!
  • Throughout "Curse of the Stolen Tiger," Zak vehemently denies liking Wadi. But at the end of the episode, Wadi replies with "too bad. You're king of cute." Aww.
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  • In Zon's A Day in the Limelight episode, Zak is adorably protective of her. It's one of the first real glimpses we get of their sibling dynamic.
  • In "Kur, Part 2," Doc tells Zak that he knows he's a force for good.
    Doc: I told you if the power of Kur ever got out into the world, you may be the only one who can stop it. No matter how complicated it's gotten since then, I still believe it. It's the one truth I'll accept without a shred of scientific evidence. I know in my gut, in my heart, that my son is here to be a force for good. It's all you've ever known how to be.
  • Zak fighting Tsul'Kalu while being given visions of a Bad Future, which he walks away from after he's realized that he's not being shown his own worst nightmares...he's being shown Tsul'Kalu. Realizing that even the good cryptids expect him to turn evil, he very nearly gives up fighting his destiny...until Tsul'Kalu, seeing how desperately Zak wants to avoid such a fate, decides that he's a worthy guardian for the Hand of Tsul'Kalu after all, and entrusts him with it.
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  • That Zak has managed to make and maintain friendships with cryptids even after he's been awakened as Kur. It's heartwarming to see them help him out in the penultimate battle.
  • Van Rook's dying words: "Drew, you were the only thing I liked almost as much as money."
  • In the finale, Doyle lays three flowers on Van Rook's grave...then picks one of them up and says "two is plenty". This echoed the "lesson" that the notorious cheapskate Van Rook was teaching Doyle back in the very first episode; Doyle knew Van Rook would've wanted it that way. After picking up one of the flowers, he gives a final salute and leaves.

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