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Heartwarming / Scary Godmother

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Halloween Spooktackular

  • The relationship between Scary Godmother and Hannah. That is all.
  • Orson and Hannah meeting each other. Can you say Puppy Love?
    • And when Hannah leaves in the first film, both wave goodbye to each other.
  • Hannah aplogizing to Bug-A-Boo and giving him some candy.
    • The two bonding over pizza — turns out they both like extra cheese and olives!
  • Everyone that Hannah has met on the Fright Side helping her get back at her cousin and his friends for being mean to her.
  • Weirdly enough, Max and Ruby "necking".
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  • When voting over who's the leader of the four, unlike Jimmy and Bert who both vote for themselves to be leader, Katie decided to spend her vote for Daryl to be the leader, and vice-versa.
  • Bert, Daryl and Katie actually were nice to Hannah, gratefully accepting the candy bars she gave them. Katie even comments on Hanna's fairy costume too.
    • Hannah is the one to help Bert become scary by suggesting he's an evil piece of candy.
  • Harry shows that he kinda has a heart by offering hoer d'oeruves to Hannah.
    Harry: They're not for me, they're for Miss Tartar!

Jimmy's Revenge

  • Bert, Daryl, and Katie Took a Level in Kindness by befriending Hannah.
    • When Jimmy showed obvious disgust over his friends hanging out with Hannah, and referring to her as the "baby", Katie's words just solidify how the three have grown: "She's not a baby! She's alright!"
  • Orson's face coupled by this line: "Hannah!"
  • At the end, Scary Godmother and Hannah go on a broomstick riding lesson around Scary's house, and later the entire Fright Side.
  • Daryl calling Max and Ruby "so cool".
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  • Jimmy asking Hannah if she can help him break the candy-filled pumpkin.
  • Hannah's character development between the two films is a mixture of this and a Moment of Awesome. She started the first movie as a naive, easily frightened kid, but by the time the second movie starts she chats happily with Scary Godmother and Bug-A-Boo, and clearly loves Halloween enough to save the day by using her creativity to work around Jimmy's desire to ban it.