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Heartwarming / The Roboutian Heresy

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  • Roboutian Heresy Angron is this full stop. Despite everything, and the changes to canon, he's one of the most compassionate people to exist in universe and in the setting as a whole. Yes, even canon universe. The man makes canon Vulkan look selfish in comparison.
  • Konrad Curze meets his father, and the Emperor (for a time) takes away the pain of his visions. Curze hugged him out of sheer joy.
  • Magnus' return after his soul was trapped in the Warp for ten thousand years. It's also a Moment of Awesome for everyone who brought it together, especially Ahriman, and Magnus for his big entrance.
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  • After escaping from the Chaos Gods' prison and getting "the Sword that was Promised", Lorgar had the perfect chance to slay Lion El'Jonson. However, he chose to offer forgiveness and redemption to the Daemon Primarch instead.

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