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Tear Jerker / The Roboutian Heresy

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  • Konrad Curze's foster mother taking the blow meant for him.
    "You are not a monster."
  • A dying Barabas Dantioch sacrificing himself at the Dark Glass station to teleport the World Eaters' and Word Bearers' fleet away from the Ruinstorm.
    "Please, tell my father that in the end... I died with dignity."
  • Lucius the Reborn's entire story arc was pretty tear jerking.
    • For context, Lucius was very much a selfish bastard in canon, switching sides on Istvaan III etc. Here he's captured by the Dark Eldar with the rest of thr Emperor's Children and tortured until his hearts give out without touching his handsome face as part of a sick joke. Saul Travitz, his best friend, attempts to revive him to the mocking laughter of the Dark Eldar. He succeeds to everyone's shock and the Dark Eldar take him away to be tortured, the last thing Lucius ever hears from Saul is "You must live Lucius,Live and take revenge" Saul is later described to be tortured to death, without making a sound as his final act of defiance. Lucius finds a fraction of a scalpel and scars his face to remember all his fallen brothers
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    • Eventually the Emperor's Children escape with help from the Night Lords and go to Terra to relieve the defenders. It's here where Lucius enters the history of the Imperium; He's reported to have fought side by side with Abaddon and gave his life to save Abaddon from death. Reports also say he did the same thing for Ahriman, Garro and whole host of other loyal heroes.
    • In the story excerpt, Lucius is narrated as having seen the ghosts of his friends, leading him and pointing to who needed saving. As he stands on his latest kill, a Warhound Titan, he wonders if he's finally done enough and if he can finally rest with his brothers. As the Titan's reactor explodes, everything goes white and he doesn't wake up anymore

  • Perturabo's musings after the Heresy. He sees nothing in the future but endless war and misery, but that he cannot allow himself to dwell on it because his sons need him to be strong. He sounds so defeated.
  • The Emperor's death in chapter 40.
    • Omegon's reaction to the above. For ten thousand years, he was the only Primarch left, and still he kept going because he hoped making his father into a god would finally solve everything. Then his own father crushes this hope, because he doesn't want godhood and is just tired from life. Poor Omegon can just sob he's not strong enough to keep going this way.

  • Sanguinius threefold fall to chaos is probably the saddest of any of the traitor Primarchs, even compared to cannon. When it comes down to it, he falls because he's not strong enough to face the consequences of his actions, and would rather live a lie that he was still the righteous angel, than face his mistakes.
    Something broke within Sanguinius. He couldn't bear it anymore. He had thought that he was strong once; that he could face the truth and carry on. He had been wrong. He was weak. He had fallen, and now all that remained was to fall even further down. The Thirst was too strong, the horror too great. He wanted it to end, but he knew, without knowing how, that death would not release him. There was only one way for him to be free …

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