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As a 40k story, especially one of this size and quality, awesome is inevitable.

WARNING: Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies to Awesome Moments pages.

  • While still a horrible place to live, the Imperium is noticeably more heroic than in canon. Despite being weakened and scattered by 10,000 years of decline, the ideals of the great crusade are not yet dead, and human decency has not yet been crushed beneath the heel of pragmatism. Despite everything, the defenders of humanity still carry the spark of the Imperium's original glory, believing in the potential of humanity and the future it can forge.
  • Most of the loyalist Primarchs get a moment in their backstory:
    • Perturabo manages to make Olympia into a practical utopia, replacing the corrupt tyrants with democracy and retiring to a small house to enjoy his free time.
    • Konrad unites Nostramo behind him and achieves lasting positive change, doing what his canon counterpart never could, and overcoming the Night Haunter to become The King of Night. He even kills Asurmen when the latter comes to kill him in order to prevent his canon future.
    • Angron was never attacked by the Eldar and enslaved while weakened. As a result, he utterly crushes the High-Riders when he rebels at the sight of the pits and brings a new age of freedom and brotherhood to Nuceria.
    • Mortarion kills his adoptive father without any help, inspiring the ordinary humans to take up arms and protect their world as the Death Guard while he purges Barbarus of its overlords.
    • Magnus rejects Tzeentch and Chaos, understanding their true nature and gaining total immunity to its corruptive power.
    • Lorgar walks up to a priest of the Covenant, in front of an entire army of believers, and utters a single word: Liar. He then goes on to turn said army to his side and lead a rebellion that eventually eradicates the entire cult.
    • Alpharius and Omegon united two fleets, which were mortal enemies, through careful machinations and the use of outside threats to force unity. By the end of the Twin's gambit, they had gone from killing one another on sight to swearing undying loyalty to mankind and the Hydra.
  • Dark Angels

  • Emperor's Children

  • Iron Warriors

  • White Scars

  • Space Wolves

  • Imperial Fists

  • Night Lords

  • Blood Angels

  • Iron Hands

  • World Eaters
    • Unlike the canon Space Wolves, they manage to force the Inquisition to abandon their plans of sterilizing the survivors of Armageddon and forcing them into labor camps to hide Chaos. Resettling them into a peaceful and productive life on a new planet.

  • Ultramarines

  • Death Guard

  • Thousand Sons

  • Sons of Horus

  • Word Bearers
    • Despite 10,000 years of creeping degradation and the rise of the ecclesiarchy and the faith of the god-emperor, they remain loyal to the Emperor's true ideals and have never given up their belief in humanity.
    • Dismantled Goge Vandire's forces and supporters, bringing an end to the age of apostasy.

  • Salamanders

  • Raven Guard

  • Alpha Legion

    Aeonid Thiel 
  • Believed by the Alpha Legion to be one of, if not the, greatest tacticians in the galaxy. They consider his armor inscribed with strategies to be "a prize worthy of a primarch."
  • Led and rallied the surviving loyalist traitors on Itsvaan III against their legions, achieving "kill-ratios never seen before during the Great Crusade, and rarely equalled during the Heresy" despite being massively outnumbered and outgunned.
  • Turned the infinitesimal remainder of his forces that escaped Itsvaan into a strike team that rallied loyalists and traitor alike to their banner and saved entire worlds through precision assaults on traitor forces.
  • Later left on a solo journey, surviving 10,000 years despite having no support and being one of the most hated enemies of Chaos and the traitor legions.
  • After discovering what is heavily implied to be Malal's tomb and being thrown back in time with a fragment of it's power, he goes on to become The Sacrificed Son, retaining his core humanity despite his new nature, and spends 10,000 years weakening the Ultramarines from within. With no one, not even the Dark Gods having any clue of his true identity.
  • He and the Alpha Legion created the Ascended One through the hypnosis of a volunteer Alpha legionary and a fragment of Thiel's power. They then arranged for the AO's ship to detonate while during his confrontation with Corax, resulting in the banishment of Corax and the destruction of two Black Crusades.
  • Manipulates the inhabitants of the Ruinstorm into attacking Guilliman, getting many threats to the Imperium killed in the process.
  • The Dark Gods reaction to the reveal that he is not Marius Gage: "Far away, in the Realms of Chaos, the clashing of blades and the spilling of blood stopped on the Plains of Slaughter. The Court of Change fell silent. The children of Nurgle stopped their games in their father's Garden. The great debaucheries in the Silver Palace of Slaanesh paused." Thiel derailed Chaos's plans so hard that even the gods and their servants couldn't do anything but gape in shock and awe.
  • He is completely unaffected by the resurrected Guilliman's orders, which have brought the other Chaos Lords of the Black Crusade their knees.
  • Holds his own against Guilliman for a few minutes despite being up against a being potentially as powerful, if not more so, as the Emperor.
  • Reveals that he had planted a warp-based super-bomb earlier in the assault and that he was just buying time. The blast destroys Macragge and almost all of the forces/tools Guilliman has spent 10,000 years preparing, forcing the Dark Master of Chaos to grab what he can and run with his tail between his legs. He even taunts Guilliman about how Alpharius pulled the same trick during the Heresy and yet he still fell for it a second time.
  • Fades away watching the no-longer distorted stars with a smile while the planet falls apart around him.
  • Upon death, the core of his identity/soul is cast back in time into a newborn son.
    • "And the name of that child, now and forever, was Aeonid Thiel."
    Notable Individuals 
  • Luther
    • Unlike canon he's completely loyal, being the knight in shining armor and refusing to give in to treachery even when faced with the promises and wrath of Chaos.
    • Together with Cypher he (mostly) killed the Ouroboros, which is implied to predate the chaos gods themselves, perhaps even being the first corruption of the warp. In other words: Luther, not even a full astarte, took down what may well be the RH equivalent of Satan.
    • Fighting a Daemon Primarch one-on-one and almost winning. Bonus points for not even having fully recovered from his battle with the Ouroboros before the duel happened. It's implied by Cypher that Luther at his best would have won, even on his own.
    • Even 10,000 years later, his memory is an inspiration for Cypher and the fallen. Reminding the former that there is good and hope in the galaxy despite ten millennia of degradation and loss.

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