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  • In "Not Even a Mouse," Jarod standing in the falling snow for the first time since escaping from The Centre, smiling joyfully. Also, from the same episode, Miss Parker geting a bunny for Christmas from Jarod, who remembered a moment from the past where they met during an experiment with rabbits.
  • The flashbacks to when Jarod and Miss Parker were children, including their first kiss, which is one of the reasons why Jarod wanted to 'rescue' Miss Parker.
    Miss Parker: Why did you save my life?
    Jarod: Because I still remember the little girl who gave me my first kiss.
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  • Miss Parker and her relationship with Broots' daughter, Debbie during "Collateral Damage". At first, she wanted nothing to do with her, but she and Debbie soon bonded due to their love for the book Little Women. At the end of the episode, Miss Parker brings Debbie back to Broots, and both are dressed alike, including matching hairstyles.
  • Jarod reuniting with his brother Kyle in "Red Rock Jarod", then losing him in the same episode.
    • When the brothers save the pregnant woman that Lyle kidnapped, she hugs Kyle. He later tells Jarod that Good Feels Good.
  • After Angelo, who is slowly returning to his normal state of mind, plays the piano (which, when he was cured, he could play brilliantly), stumbling over the keys, Miss Parker (who is trying to figure out who her twin brother is, one of the candidates being Angelo) whispers "That was beautiful".
  • In "Betrayal," Broots reuniting with his daughter, Debbie, after being chased by a killer for a whole episode.
    • Same episode, Jarod has been protecting Broots from a killer and the following conversation takes place:
      Broots: Why are you doing this?
      Jarod: Doing what?
      Broots: I try to catch you every day. I mean, it's my job. But why are you helping me?
      Jarod: Because I respect you.
      Broots: Me?
      Jarod: I can only hope that one day I'll be half the father that you are.
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    • Later when Broots is is patching Jarod up from a wound sustained in their adventure, this conversation takes place:
      Jarod: Why are you doing this?
      Broots: What?
      Jarod: You could have take me into The Centre. Schedule 7 or not, with me as the prize, they would welcome you back.
      Broots: Well, the way I figure it, there's a time and place for everything. And right now, I owe you. Besides, I respect you.
      Jarod: Ow! Me?
      Broots: Yeah. You help people. You care. When others look away you try to make a difference.
      Jarod: Well, I didn't make a difference this time.
      Broots: That's why you can’t walk away now. And neither can I.
  • In "Donoterase," Jarod reuniting with his father, Major Charles:
    Major Charles: Oh my God in Heaven! It's you!
    • Jarod introducing his clone Gemini to Ice Cream.
      Jarod: There's so many incredible things in the world to try.
      Gemini: I hope they're all as good as ice cream.
      • Jarod's overall attitude towards the boy is heartwarming. He treats him as a person, as family - never as just his clone.
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    • When Jarod asks about his mother and Emily, Major Charles explains that he was separated from them when Catherine Parker was killed. He admits he doesn't even know if they're still alive.
      Jarod: But they are alive! I saw them two years ago.
      Major Charles: We'll find them together!
    • After Jarod is about to explain what happened to Kyle, Major Charles explains he already heard about Kyle's death and Jarod donating his heart to J.R. Miller. Major Charles then says he's proud of Jarod for doing good despite everything he's been through.
  • In "Til Death Do Us Part," Miss Parker holding her newborn brother in her arms after assisting in his birth. Same episode, Miss Parker saying her final goodbyes to her dead boyfriend, Thomas.
  • In "Inner Sense," Jarod rescuing his sister, Emily, from the hospital from the Centre with help from Major Charlies, then speaking with her for the first time when she wakes.
  • In Island of the Haunted, Jarod and Miss Parker are stranded on an island during a storm, both talking about the Parker legecy. Jarod puts a blanket over her shoulders to keep her warm as he talks.
    Jarod: The Centre wants us to believe that finding the truth is a mistake, that looking for answers about who we really are is futile and finding any kind of... connection outside their control is wrong. I know you don't want to hear this but you can feel it. You've been a Centre prisoner all these years just like me. And with every discovery you find you're every bit the outcast. Just like me.
    Miss Parker: Why is it that the one person that I've been trained to distrust, to hate, to capture is always with me during the most difficult moments of my life?
    Jarod: (his voice barely above a whisper) Maybe, it's supposed to be that way.
    • The two lean in to kiss... until the caretaker of the place they're staying interupts them with tea.
  • The ending of "Scott Free," in which Sydney is revealed to have kept mementos of Jarod, including a previously made Father's Day card.
  • In the flashbacks to "Hazards," Young Jarod learns of the tragedies that befell Sydney's family and that they are now gone. He tells Sydney, however, "I'll be your family." The end of the episode, after Sydney has faced the monster from his past, he and Jarod share a phone call.
    Jarod: You're not a monster... and you're still my family. Have you ever been fishing?
    Sydney: Yes.
    Jarod: Maybe we could go... someday.
  • In "Under the Reds," Jarod provides Sydney's comatose brother with a new medical technique designed to wake him up. Sydney immediately expresses his regrets over the fateful car accident that caused the coma. The technique proves short-lived, but before slipping back in, Jacob writes one final note for Sydney: "Not your fault."
  • "Mr. Lee" shows that Jarod has maintained contact with those he has helped in the past and continues to do right by them:
    • He has successfully helped reunite many families through the service he visited in "To Serve and Protect."
    • He helped the Elvis impersonator from "Curious Jarod" land on his feet.
    • He acts brotherly towards and regularly calls J.R. Miller, the boy he donated Kyle's heart to in "Red Rock Jarod."
  • In "Ghosts from the Past," Angelo starts to sense that Jarod is in danger from someone he previously got arrested. Angelo goes through recovered items from past pretends and just acts like a madman to spur action, but his heart is in the right place.
    "Must save Jarod!"
  • In "Dragon House, Part 2," Jarod encounters Angelo for the first time since escaping The Centre. He hugs him and Angelo actually reciprocates.
    • The brief reunion between Jarod and his mother.
  • In "Past Sim," Broots wins full custody of his daughter, thanks to a tip about his ex-wife's misbehavior. Broots learns the tip came from Jarod when the Pretender asks for his help in saving a kidnapped murder witness.
    Jarod: We all need help, Mr. Broots... help with the things that are most important to us.
    Broots: You sent the information about my ex-wife goin' to Las Vegas?
    Jarod: You'll be a good father. A child can't ask for more than that.
    Broots: Jarod, I, it's, I, it’s just too dangerous. I—
    Jarod: (takes out a photo) This is Max. He was the same age as Debbie when he was shot down in the street in cold blood. Help me.
    • At the end of the episode, Jarod has gotten $10 million from The Centre that they were getting in exchange for the deal with the Yakuza. Sydney made the transfer and Jarod thanks him, saying the money's going to help a lot of people.
  • In "Parole," Nicholas faces a dying father—only to learn that Sydney is his real father. Nicholas freaks out, but Sydney helps him through it (which Jarod overhears).
    Nicholas: Now I don't have a father or a family or a life.
    Sydney: Nicholas, it isn't true. You have a wonderful mother, and a father who loves you.
    Nicholas: He's not my father!
    Sydney: You're wrong, Nicholas. Being a father is more than giving life. It's being there in the middle of the night when you're sick or afraid or alone. And it's teaching you how to ride a bike, how to catch a fish, how to tie a tie. Being a parent isn't about the big moments; it's about the little ones.
    Nicholas: Have you ever felt those things for anyone?
    Sydney: There was someone, a child. Your father loves you very much, as much as if he'd given you life. Don't throw that away.
    • A small one at the end.
      Sydney: (adjusting Jarod's tie) Jarod, didn't I teach you how to tie a tie?
      Jarod: Yes. Yes, you did.
  • In "Amnesia," Jarod struggles with both losing his memories and a fever. In a haze, he sees recurring visions of his mother, Margaret.
    Jarod: Who are you?
    Margaret: The proudest woman in the world.
    Jarod: Who am I?
    Margaret: Just trust your feelings. Always trust your feelings.

    Margaret: You're my son. You're my life. I love you, Jarod.
  • In "Unsinkable," Jarod catches Argyle going through his stuff. It turns out Argyle was creating a laminated copy of Jarod's picture of Margaret to protect her from the elements.
    Jarod: (narrating) Nicest thing that anybody ever did for me. My pretend started out pretending to be Argyle's friend. I wasn't pretending any more.
    • Argyle was motivated in this episode solely by getting enough money to buy his dad, Benny, a plane ticket so he could see the Pope in-person. In the end, they make the flight and Jarod manages to arrange Benny speaking with the Pope.
  • In "Cold Dick," Argyle drags Jarod into yet another mess. Jarod will clean it up, but he insists on Argyle staying out of it.
    Argyle: I've been thinking. I was upside inside out livin' la vida loca till I met you. Now, after you helped me and Pop last year, I'm mendin' my wicked way, you know. I ain't had nothin' but honest jobs since. Only thing missin' is the love of my life. And I met her last week. Mona's the one.
    Jarod: You spent six minutes with her.
    Argyle: 360 glorious seconds, J-Man. Somethin' happened between us, I'm tellin' ya. It was like 'electronical' chemicals or something. Pheromones, baby. I'm tellin' ya. And now my future brother-in-law's weepin' in his pistachio. You gotta let me come with you, J-ster. You gotta let me help her. J-Man. J-Dog. Please, I’m beggin' ya. Please, please, please, please, please.
    Jarod: (narrating) There are certain times in life when you need to think with your heart, not your head. This wasn't one of those times, but I thought it was, so I made the following mistake.
    • Benny spent the episode working on a song for Wayne Newton in honor of his dead wife, Adella. In the end, Jarod arranges for Wayne to hear what Benny has come up with so far. It's terrible, but Jarod and Wayne are too polite to say so to his face.
    Wayne Newton: That could be the worst song I've ever heard.
    Jarod: I know, but to him, it was a dream come true.
    Wayne Newton: (looking at Benny and Argyle) Guess they mean a lot to you, huh?
    (Jarod nods)
  • The end of "Flesh and Blood," where Nicholas introduces Sydney to a boy he's been teaching to read.
    Sydney: I'm Sydney, Nicholas' friend.
    Nicholas: No, Seth, he's not my friend. He's my father.
  • In The Teaser for "Spin Doctor," there's a flashback to immediately after Jarod has escaped from The Centre. Pursued by Sweepers, he makes it to the road and asks a passing motorist (Todd Baxter) for a ride. At the last moment, Baxter lets him get in the car, and they drive off.
    Jarod: (amazed) I'm free.
  • In the flashbacks for "Nip and Tuck," Jarod suffers an identity crisis—becoming withdrawn and feeling like he doesn't exist because he can't even remember what he looks like. In the end, Sydney gives him a mirror.
    Young Sydney: Jarod, this is what you look like. This is who you are.
  • In "PTB" Jarod is helping a DJ named Niel who used to be part of an army research lab that was testing drugs on people. Neil is being hunted by his former boss who was imprisoned for 7 years when Neil blew the wistle on the drug trials. This is especially personal for Jarod as Neil's plight mimics his own of a man who used his abilties for what he thought was a greater good, that his superiors knew better and had good intentions, only to find out that his work was used to hurt people. Like Jarod, Neil also feels the need to atone by revealing the crimes of the people who take advantage of the innocent and is also on the run from a man hunting him. throughout the episode Jarod has been there for Neil with kindness and empathy. Later on it's shown that Neil has been following stories of a mysterious man who appears out of nowhere to help those in need. When he reveals to Jarod that he knows who Jarod is, the following exchange is absolutely made of warm fuzzies.
    Neil: I suspect you're a very clever man. You know I've been tracking reports of another clever person. very mysterious. Shows up at unexpected spots. Always there to help the needy and the abused. (Shows Jarod a red folder with newspaper clippings of the incidents that Jarod helped resolved) Well you didn't think I'd tell my secrets to any shmoe would ya.
    Jarod: Why didn't you expose me on the air.
    Neil: Nah. No, I only go after bad conspiracies.

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