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Awesome / The Pretender

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  • In "Donoterase, Part 2," Major Charles has been captured by The Centre. To free his father, Jarod decides to cut a deal - by walking right into the building and sitting down in the lobby. He has the leverage to back this move up, too - having secretly kidnapped Mr. Parker off-screen.
  • "Stolen," in which Jarod terrifies an accomplice to the child's kidnapping by giving him a taste of his own medicine. As for the actual kidnapper, Jarod fights him in the hideout and eventually beats him silly.
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  • The Batman Gambit that Jarod pulls on the Insufferable Genius serial killer in "Once in a Blue Moon."
  • Jarod shooting Damien dead in "Betrayal" - saving Broots' life and preventing a terrorist from walking away with a biological weapon.


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