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  • Gendry taking his anger out on Sandor Clegane for allegedly selling his close friend Arya to the Bastard of Bolton. It's a minor instance of this trope given that the main reason the Brotherhood without Banners went after him was that they believe he pillaged and burned Saltpans, but the fact is that despite the rough times the two characters shared together, the first thing that came to Gendry's mind was his concern for Arya. This shows that even though by this point Arya has completely abandoned her friends, family, and her identity, there are still people who truly care about her.
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  • Jaime at one point fantasizes about living in Tarth with Brienne, away from all the drama of the game of thrones.
  • In Chapter 82, Stannis's army finally corners Ramsay at the Dreadfort, where he has possession of the real Lightbringer. Only problem, Ramsay is holding Davos hostage. When Ramsay notices Theon amongst Stannis' ranks, he offers to exchange Davos for Theon. Asha is certain Stannis will hand him over, given Theon's reputation as a turncloak, and is even thinking of killing him to save her brother. Stannis' response:
    Stannis: "No. The boy is one of my mine own subjects now, and his sister has sworn me an oath. I will not dishonor that agreement."
    • This is followed by Theon agreeing to Ramsay's proposal anyway in order to try and retrieve the sword, and Asha insisting on accompanying her brother into the Dreadfort. A far cry from the indifferent attitude she had of Theon earlier in the books.
  • Addam Marbrand comforting Jeyne regarding her blind and crippled son, telling her to be proud of her son. Later, when Wylis Manderly expresses disappointment regarding the circumstances of Little Robb's birth as it prevents them from challenging the Boltons claim to the North, Addam requests that he speak more gently, given all the losses Jeyne had suffered. He later requests to Sansa permission to marry Jeyne and adopt her son as his own when the war is over. Sure enough, the two marry after end of the war and enjoy many years of happiness together raising Robbie and their own children. After everything the poor girl had suffered through, it was about time Jeyne had earned a break.
    • Then, as White Harbor comes under siege from wights, the Manderly men-at-arms fight to the death to prevent them from reaching Little Robb. Even if he was born a cripple, even after every disaster that has befallen them since the Red Wedding, the men of the North continue to fight for their fallen King's legacy.
  • Brienne finally finding Sansa at the Gates of the Moon and subsequently helps her overthrow Littlefinger's control of the Vale. Later, the two reunite with Lady Stoneheart, who is still furious at Brienne for allowing Jaime to escape the Brotherhood's wrath and attempts to strike her. Sansa steps in and explains everything that had happened, telling her mother that despite the circumstances, Brienne never betrayed her oath to Catelyn.
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  • After Ramsay flayed and maimed his good hand, Davos feels entirely useless and begs Stannis to release him from the duties of the Hand of the King, not wanting to fail him. Not only does Stannis absolutely refuse, but he proudly and stoutly names Davos his heir if Shireen happens to die.
  • Chapter 97 Though Varys has convinced Aegon to burn Jon Connington to wake a stone dragon, Aegon calls it off at the last minute because he realizes that Jon Connington has been a true father to him. Aegon is now willing to put aside his ambition, realizing that his family is more important. Though Jon Connington decides to sacrifice himself anyway, showing his undying devotion to the boy he considers his son. This event causes a profound change in Aegon, changing him to a kinder and wiser person.
  • Chapter 98, Sansa says goodbye to her mother:
    "Holding back tears, she kissed Lady Stoneheart quickly, then began to step away; as ever, the corpse woman had neither responded to nor rejected her touch. But as she did, her mother suddenly grasped hold of her, her bandaged hands cradling Sansa's head. Their eyes locked. And in that moment, Sansa saw her. Saw her pride, and saw her blessing, and her parting."
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  • Chapter 102 Arya reuniting with Gendry.
  • Chapter 103 Aegon pardons Jaime for killing Aerys, even if he is not meant to be king, he argues that there is no point in revenge over past slights.
    • Prior to that Sansa and Sandor sharing a kiss after the latter's duel with Robert Strong before passing out from his injuries.
  • Jon Snow using dragonglass to heal Davos Seaworth's maimed hands.
  • Chapter 108: Davos finds Gendry in White Harbor, and with Stannis now dead, declares him the heir of House Baratheon before setting sail for home.
    • Damn, if Stannis's last words to his men don't induce Manly Tears.
    " I will die. Lord Snow will return to Castle Black, and do what he must. If we are strong enough, if we face it and do not fail, the Long Night will be over. So we must pray, at least. And so, you are released. Your charge to me is ended. My Hand and heir, Lord Davos, may choose to take up my claim to the throne, and in such case, I expect you to fight as long and loyally for him as you ever did for me. But if not...Serve no usurpers or madmen. Do justice and live rightly. Burn a nightfire for me. And remember. Remember always."
  • Chapter 109 Sam tearfully strikes down Jon with Lightbringer in order to destroy the Great Other as promised. As dawn breaks and the Long Night finally comes to an end, Sam finds out that Jon survived, his Other half having been extinguished. Jon declares that he will stand guard in the North to prevent the Others from rising again, but before that, decides to give Sam a lift back to Oldtown on Rhaegal in order to rebuild the Citadel. After everything the two had gone through, seeing Jon and Sam make it through to the end is truly moving.
  • Chapter 110: Tyrion requests that Jon deliver Jorah Mormont's ashes to Bear Island, fulfilling his promise to him.
  • At the end of Chapter 111, Arya, Rickon, Jon, and Sansa are all finally reunited and willing to clear up any issues they might have had, as long as they can be together again.
    Sansa: Where will you go, from here?
    Arya: My lady, I'm coming with you.
  • The Epilogue: The Starks finally regain control of the North as the War of Dawn at last comes to an end. Sansa has a happy marriage with Willas while doing her best to help Arya regain her memory. Jon marries Val and the two keep a vigil over the far North in case the Others come back. Dany manages to maintain a fragile but lasting peace among the Seven Kingdoms despite intrigue and rebellion from the Houses. And the story itself ends with a now widowed Sansa abdicating and crowning her daughter Catelyn as Queen of the North, bringing the tale to a close as Sandor comes to escort "the little bird" one last time.

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