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Heartwarming / The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords (2004)

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  • At one point, Vio arrives to help the others but appears to be injured. Turns out it's actually a dying Shadow. Who's trying to save Zelda and help the other Link's.
  • Near the end of the manga, The Reveal that of Shadow Link still lives on inside Link.
    • Earlier when the four Links are gathered around the dying Shadow, they refer to him as family. This acknowledgement allows Shadow to die peacefully as he Disappears into Light.
    Shadow: I wonder if I was able to become one of those, ally things...
    Link: Of course man, you're one of us!
  • The moment the Links share one last goodbye, just before returning the Four Swords, and reuniting as one.
    Vio: We wont ever forget about this.
    Blue: (winks) Thanks for everything, guys!
    Red: I love all you guys!
    Green: Well be... together, always!