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Heartwarming / THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls

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  • Once the Producer figures out Ranko's issue in the eighth episode, seeing her expression light up and express her gratitude in a way only she can is pretty uplifting.
  • Miku looking after Riina in the eleventh episode, which begins as annoyed nagging but looks to develop into genuine care. This is best exemplified by Miku putting a blanket over Riina after the latter falls asleep at the table. Miku might not agree with Riina's style, but she's still got her back.
    • Miku wanting Riina to make her debut first if their unit doesn't work out. Considering how adamant Miku was about making her idol debut, that's a big generous act.
  • In the final episode of season 1, Mika staying behind at the infirmary to watch over Minami, and provides quiet support for the latter as becomes obvious that Minami is devastated at not being able to perform with her fellow Cinderella Girls members, particularly unit member Anastasia.
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  • The end of the first season, when the Producer brings out a huge box of fan letters and stacks of questionnaires for the Cinderella Project members to read. It's at that point where they realize that they've made it as stars. The best reaction comes from Mio, who is grateful that the producer convinced her not to quit.
  • While it's also funny, having the idols acting as bodyguards to the Producer in episode 14 is adorable.
  • In episode 15, Kaede declines Executive Mishiro's offer of doing a much larger event and instead goes forward in doing the much smaller one. Why? Because the smaller one was where she made her idol debut and wanted to move forward together with her fans while smiling.
  • Despite declaring her to be her character idol rival in episode 16, Miku does whatever she can to persuade Nana to not give up her Usamin/Bunnyears personality. She succeeds.
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  • Mika and Miria form a surprising friendship in episode 17, helping each other to get over the problems they were having at the time.
  • Anzu showing concern over Chieri and Kanako through out episode 18 as they do interviews without her. Despite always trying to slack off on her idol duties, Anzu does care deeply about her fellow Candy Island members.
    • The interaction between Kirari and Anzu and how the two do value their friendship.
  • Episode 19 really shows how much Riina and Miku care for each other despite how much they bicker.
    • Miku notices how spaced out Riina is and think it's because she isn't doing anything rock-related. She then starts blaming herself for it and wants Riina to be part of Natsuki's Rock band. Riina then tells her she loves being part of Asterisk with her because to her, their unit is rock.
    • The limit unit of Sudden Rock with Natsuki doing a rock cover of Over with Riina and Miku singing while the other Cinderella Girls watch them.
    • Miku, Riina, Natsuki and Nana hanging out together in the ending.
  • In episode 22, Fumika Sagisawa gets a massive case of Performance Anxiety and falls ill. This cause the other members of Project Krone to worry and be confused on what to do. That is, until the Producer and Cinderella Project come to the rescue and help out.
    • The Cinderella Girls calming the nerves of the Krone idols as they go to perform. This includes Mio giving encouraging advice to Karen and Nao, and Chieri and Anastasia showing some techniques used in past episodes.
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    • Given how self-concious she is about her English-inspired name, Arisu letting Fumika call her by her first name when she wakes up is very sweet.
    • Uzuki, despite her own worries, asking Nao and Karen to take care of Rin.
    • Despite Love Laika being split up, Minami and Anya show how proud and happy they are for each other as they perform solo.
  • The rest of Cinderella Project interacting with Uzuki when she returned in episode 24 shows just how far their characters have come since the beginning.
    • Uzuki finally springs back to her old self at the Christmas concert with a heartfelt performance of S(mile)ING!, right after a cheering from the rest of the Cinderella Project idols following a You Are Not Alone speech from the Producer.
      • Her performance is so powerful that even Mishiro is moved.
  • After all they went through, seeing New Generations perform together again at the Winter Ball.


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