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Heartwarming / The Heroic Legend of Arslan

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Hiromu Arakawa's Anime and Manga:

  • The end of episode 12 after Arslan came to Darun's rescue.
    Arslan: You are always coming to my aid, Darun. Should I come to your aid once in a while, what is wrong with that?
  • Daryun pledging his Undying Loyalty to Arslan, saying he will protect him and respect him even if he isn't a prince by blood, he is loyal to Arslan as a person.
    • Chapter 46 shows the scene and it was just as heartwarming, with Daryun holding Arlsan's hand as he sincerely reaffirmed his loyalty to Arslan.
  • In Episode 17, Arslan worries the entire episode over Daryun's well-being as he is competing as a proxy in a battle to the death with a man that is more beast than human; when Daryun emerges victorious, he immediately turns to Arslan and bows to him, showing he's alright and Arslan collapses in relief.
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  • In chapter 23, despite trying to free the slaves from Hodir didn't work out the way Arslan had planned, he is still determined to find solutions to ending slavery and asks Elam for his advice, much to Elam's embarrassment. The rest of the group listening while pretending to sleep was an added adorable scene.

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