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  • From the film Westway To The World, Mick Jones says this about Sandinista!:
    Mick Jones: "I always saw it [Sandinista!] as a record for people who were on oil rigs or arctic stations that weren't able to get to the record shops regularly."
    • Context for those not in the know: when Sandinista! was the Clash's big effort, a triple album with 36 tracks. Now, depending on who you ask, either the band surrendered the royalties off of the first 200,000 copies in order to make it a triple instead of a double, or deceiving the company into thinking they were releasing a 12-inch single with the album and then including extra tracks: either way, the album went out for the price of a double, just as London Calling was a double released for the price of a single.
  • "Stay Free", a song about a lifelong friendship. The song is like a hug, and especially around big changes like graduations, when you feel the need to be reminded that your friends are sticking with you always.
    • The Real Life story behind the song, too. The lyrics are about the friendship between Mick Jones and childhood friend Robin Crocker. Even though it seems like they've drift apart for a little while, with Jones becoming a musician, and Crocker becoming a thief, after Crocker gets out of jail, Mick invites him to a pub for a drink, strengthening their friendship. Awwwww.

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