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Heartwarming / The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police

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  • Also a twisted one considering Sam and Max and The Twilight Zone episode it homages, but "The Trouble with Gary. Not only is no one willed to a cornfield, but the montage of Sam and Max bonding with Gary and the ending are real Heartwarming Moments.
  • Sam and Max being friends with Geek. While it isn't always clear, they show great affection for the preteen and she does care about their well-being, and even picking her up even when she was making a black hole. Heck, just her going along with their insanity shows that, despite the snarky comments at them, Geek does share a strong friendship with the oafish detectives.
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  • A Glitch in Time. Despite being presented in the usual zany manner, the episode really goes out of its way to show how much the duo needs each other. No matter how unhinged Max may appear, it is shown that he absolutely cares about Sam (which is saying something), and suffers a moment of Heroic BSoD, complete with Big "NO!", when he realizes what has become of the timeline.


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