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Heartwarming / The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

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  • "Bye Bly" shows how far the main characters have come in their friendships with each other:
    • After Bowler has been shot and Brisco cradles him in his arms:
      Bowler: Thanks for bein' my friend, Brisco.
    • When Brisco goes back in time and prevents Bowler's death from happening he's so relieved to see Bowler alive again, he gives Bowler a hug.
      Bowler: What is with you? We've been in tighter scrapes than this.
      Brisco: Not by a long shot!
    • Socrates gleefully announcing that he will get to keep working with Brisco and Bowler.
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  • Brisco visiting his father's grave in the pilot and vowing to complete the old man's work.
  • The end of "Senior Spirit," where Brisco says goodbye to the ghost of his father.
  • Several great moments from "Pirates!":
    • While trying to escape LaCutte's hideout, Bowler gets trapped. Brisco tries to help him, but Bowler insists he leave and save himself.
    • The pirates intend to hold Brisco for a $1 million ransom, but the Westerfield Club refuses to pay it for "just one bounty hunter." Socrates yells at his boss and tries to bluff LaCutte into freeing Brisco. Of course, the plan falls apart, but...
      LaCutte: What are you doin' here, then?
      Socrates: Anything I can to help a friend.
    • Brisco agrees to let Bowler have the bounty on LaCutte, but because they Never Found the Body, Bowler is steaming that he won't be able to collect.
      Brisco: We all saw LaCutte go down. I can vouch for that.
      Bowler: Yeah?
      Brisco: Sure. That's what friends are for.
  • In "Socrates' Sister," Wickwire tries to raise funding for his new invention: a diving suit. People walk out before he's even done the presentation, but Brisco is there and applauding with sincere enthusiasm.
    • Earlier in the episode, Brisco is left wondering if he arrested one of Bly's gang or an innocent man with the same name. After Wickwire's presentation, Brisco admits to his concerns.
      Brisco: Well, my gut says yes, but my head says maybe not. Maybe I made a mistake.
      Wickwire: Do you doubt your instinct or your judgment?
      Brisco: Well, it's the same thing, isn't it?
      Wickwire: Brisco, if it was the same thing, would I be standing here in a rubber-suit, begging to be plunged to the bottom of the ocean? Judgment says this is crazy, but instinct—it sings the truth, son. It knows what's possible. It knows the truth.
      Brisco: Yeah, you're right.
      Wickwire: I can see you're a man who's heard that song all his life. I suggest you keep listening. Trust your gut.
      Brisco: Professor, you've just helped me more than you'll ever know.
      Wickwire: Good. Now, maybe you can help me.
      Brisco: Yeah, sure.
      Wickwire: Could you get me out of this suit? Uh, I'm gettin' a heat rash.
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  • In "A.K.A. Kansas", Brisco, after some hemming and hawing, finally admits to Dixie that he loves her. She replies that she loves him without any hesitation.
  • "Showdown" sees Brisco returning to his hometown and reconnecting with his childhood sweetheart, Anne. When asked why he came back, he admits he wanted to see if there'd be a place for him there once Bly has been dealt with.
    • Another moment in the episode has acting deputy Bowler dealing with a couple in the middle of a spat. The boyfriend won't admit where he's been at all hours of the morning, and the girlfriend wants him locked up for two-timing without any solid evidence. Bowler pretends he's going to lock the boyfriend up, which scares him into admitting he was working a second job to get enough money for an engagement ring. The girl immediately softens and the boy proposes. As the newly engaged couple runs off, Bowler just smiles.
    Bowler: I'm beginning to enjoy this job.

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